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We scale people so visionary companies can focus on innovation and growth.

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Expertise & Agility at Scale

See how fast-growing companies are using our managed and scalable workforce.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Prepare datasets for autonomous driving, computer vision, geospatial mapping, augmented reality, and other AI systems.

Receipt Transcription


Power intelligent product features at scale. We've transcribed over 25 million documents with 99% accuracy.

data enrichment

Data Enrichment

Enhance critical business operations. We gather, clean, and moderate data to improve profitability and enrich user experiences.


Scaling Your Vision Requires People

Innovative technology often requires managed, skilled workers who can scale fast and process data accurately on virtually any platform.

That's what our WorkStreams are all about.

Managed Workforce

Brilliant Tech

Smart Scaling

Introducing WorkStreams

A tech-forward, managed workforce solution that provides all the benefits of a skilled and agile internal team.

Trained & Managed Teams

Innovative technology often requires a team of people to power key features and train sophisticated algorithms. WorkStreams provide a scalable workforce so you can innovate and grow fast.

Easy to Spin Up

We provide the workforce and technology needed to scale your work in the cloud. Monthly subscriptions provide the flexibility your fast-moving company needs to scale quickly.


How Pricing Works

Scaled by Tech

Brilliant technology is at the core of all we do. Pulse, our productivity optimization dashboard, provides real-time visibility into the performance of each WorkStream.

How It Works

We make it easy to start, optimize, and scale.

Define the work icon

Define the Work

Engage with a Solutions Specialist to establish the process and success metrics.

Spin up a team icon

Spin Up a WorkStream

We design and train your WorkStream team for optimal performance.


Optimize & Scale

We proactively manage quality and productivity to scale your work.

Here's what our customers are saying

The precision of the data is a testament to the work that the entire CloudFactory team has been doing to help us make autonomous trucks a reality. Well done!

Paul Ashbourne

Paul AshbourneAutonomous Truck Engineer


Before CloudFactory we relied on crowdsourcing and local staffing. We now trust them with a larger share of our work. Recently they helped us beat a major cost savings goal by over 100% and continue to exceed our expectations in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

Zev Barsky

Zev Barsky VP of Operations


CloudFactory has been a reliable and robust partner for us as we scale our business. They have enabled us to quickly provide insights to our customers that wouldn't be possible without their help.

Matt Talbot

Matt TalbotCEO/Co-Founder