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CloudFactory offers three ways to leverage our on-demand, global workforce.
Compare them below and find the best one for you!

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For high volume, repetitive work on
CloudFactory’s platform
We’ll provide a custom solution that fully utilizes our on-demand, API-Driven workforce amplified by our workforce virtualization platform.
Pay for Results (per unit)
Distributed Managed Workforce
24x7 Production
Work is done on CloudFactory’s platform.
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For flexible and ongoing work with a dedicated workforce
Extend your team in days with a DataSquad that consists of a Squad Leader and as many vetted and skilled data specialists as you need.
Pay for Work (per hour)
In-House Managed Workforce
4 to 16 Hours Coverage per Day
Work is done manually using your tools and platform.
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For a one-time project or
semi-regular projects
Connect with one of our Project Coordinators immediately to process a batch of data on budget and on time.
Pay per Project
In-House or Distributed Workforce
As Needed per Deadline
As Needed per project requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CloudFactory?

CloudFactory uses technology to make it super easy for companies to outsource routine, back-office work so they are free to focus on innovation and growth.

Is my project a good fit for CloudFactory? And which projects are not?

We sepcialize in helping companies offload routine data-oriented work. We have a versatile workforce that can handle many types of data work. If your work or project requires you to hire a team of entry-level workers in house than it may be a great fit for CloudFactory. We take all the burdens of management off your plate so you can focus on innovation and growth. Work that requires specialized skills such as graphic design, content creation, social media management, or accounting are not a good fit for CloudFactory.

How is CloudFactory different from outsourcing?

CloudFactory is an easier and smarter kind of outsourcing. First off, we have a tech-forward approach that makes it really easy to get started. Customers can simply create an account in our WorkStream app with just an email address and start chatting with a Solutions Specialist right away. Once we're ready to get started you'll get a single point of contact (Squad Leader) to help manage your work that is completed by your very own Data Squad. Think of it like spinning up a server in the cloud. Your work requirements are the code and your Data Squad provides the processing power.

Where are your workers located?

CloudFactory has workers locaed in both Kathmandu, Nepal and Nairobi, Kenya. Both locations have an enormous about of talented people who have limited access to opportunity. As CloudFactory grows we'll be expanding to new locations where there is a massive gap between talent and opportunity.

How do I get started?

We've made is super easy to get started. Just click on any "Get Started" button and provide your email address to create an account. From there you can connect directly with a Solutions Specialist who will help you establish work requirements and start spinning up a team.

How is Impact Sourcing different than outsourcing?

Impact Sourcing is a socially responsible arm of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry that intentionally employs people who have limited opportunity for employment - often in low-income areas. For CloudFactory, our social mission is core to the value that we're able to bring to our customers. Studies have shown that impact sourcing creates workforces that are more engaged, better trained and more committed than traditional outsourcing providers. This allows us to provide exceptional results for our customers and make a significant impact in alleviating poverty in the developing world by providing meaningful work.

How is it scalable?

We grow with your business and can handle massive projects that most BPO companies never could. We're constantly investing in our workforce by hiring great people and then trainning them so they're ready to get to work. Our microstasking platform known as WorkStream Flow allows us to handle massive volume at scale by breaking down work and leveraging the full power of our on-demand workforce.

Say 'hello' to your On-Demand workforce!

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