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CloudFactory offers three ways to leverage our on-demand, global workforce.
Compare them below and find the best one for you!

product overview

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For high volume, repetitive work on
CloudFactory’s platform
We’ll provide a custom solution that fully utilizes our on-demand, API-Driven workforce amplified by our workforce virtualization platform.
Pay for Results (per unit)
Distributed Managed Workforce
24x7 Production
Work is done on CloudFactory’s platform.
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For flexible and ongoing work with a dedicated workforce
Extend your team in days with a DataSquad that consists of a Squad Leader and as many vetted and skilled data specialists as you need.
Pay for Work (per hour)
In-House Managed Workforce
4 to 16 Hours Coverage per Day
Work is done manually using your tools and platform.
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For a one-time project or
semi-regular projects
Connect with one of our Project Coordinators immediately to process a batch of data on budget and on time.
Pay per Project
In-House or Distributed Workforce
As Needed per Deadline
As Needed per project requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CloudFactory?

CloudFactory is a scalable way to outsource tedious and repetitive data work. We help break your project down into small tasks that are processed by our global 24x7 workforce. Our software platform manages this workforce to ensure quick turnaround and accurate results for your business.

Is my project a good fit for CloudFactory? And which projects are not?

If you have large amounts of data that need to be entered, collected, processed or categorized, you won't find a better solution than CloudFactory. Almost every business has work they consider tedious, time consuming, repetitive computer work. Really, any computer task that can be completed by someone through a web browser is probably a great fit for CloudFactory. Projects that are not a good fit are those that require certain software other than a web browser (Photoshop, etc), require expertise in creative writing, design, programming or other higher level computer work.

How is CloudFactory different from outsourcing?

CloudFactory is a new kind of outsourcing. You get a single point of contact to help manage your project that is completed by our on-demand workforce. Unlike other faceless crowdsourcing models, CloudFactory constantly invests in hiring the best talent and then we focus on developing our workforce. Our workers are tested and vetted by our workforce team, then they’re trained on our customer’s specific business rules!

Where are your workers located?

Since we have our major office in Nepal and the country is filled with so many bright and motivated people, we have most of our cloud workers located here. We are also growing our workforce in Kenya and are looking to expand to 8-10 more countries. We have a target list of 79 strategic countries where people with untapped potential are waiting to be plugged in to the global economy.

How is it cheaper?

Our assembly line approach also brings great efficiency and therefore costs savings. Plus our workers are in strategic locations around the world where a couple dollars an hour is a very good wage.

How is it accurate?

Training and testing is used on the front end to ensure qualified workers. Machine learning algorithms are used on the backend to know when a result is accurate or not. We also track detailed accuracy reputations for each worker and periodically give them tasks we already know the answer for to keep them on their toes. In summary, we make a great workforce better through training and testing and then use technology and little tricks to keep everyone in line and ensure accurate results.

How is it scalable?

We grow with your business and can handle massive projects that most BPO companies never could. We are also flexible in that you can send as little or as much work to CloudFactory whenever you want.

Say 'hello' to your On-Demand workforce!

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