Powering your end user experiences

Our Managed Workforce solution backs your customer experiences with reliable support for exceptions, errors, and edge cases or decision points.

  • Scalable and Trained Workforce: Pre-training programs make it easy to onboard new analysts as your needs grow.
  • Dynamic Scheduling: You tell us what coverage you need and we do the rest. Scheduling technology allows us to support your unique coverage needs 24/7/365.
  • Worker Performance Profile: Multi-factor performance assessments guarantee that you'll have the best-performing workforce supporting you.
  • Service and Experience: Focused feedback loops and a decade of experience equal transparency and reliability.

Work Supported

Tech-enabled, human-in-the-loop intervention to fill gaps in AI and automation.

Exceptions, Errors, and Edge Cases

Although automation and AI have significantly reduced manual intervention in many products and internal processes, you’ll still need human support for exception management, rectifying errors, and handling edge cases.

Exceptions, Errors, and Edge Cases

Manual Workflows

If you rely on manual decision-making and tasks while you're developing technology, or if it’s not feasible due to limitations in functionality or cost, our workforce can support the scale you need to deliver to your clients.

Manual Workflows


We provide comprehensive text and audio transcription services for your automated workflows or machine learning training, supporting over 20 languages.


Why CloudFactory?



Strong feedback loops and a service-based approach ensure you always know what’s going on with your project.

Built-for-purpose Technology

Built-for-purpose Technology

We’ve developed a proprietary workforce management platform to provide reliable, high-quality results.



Dynamic scheduling, custom QA workflows, and more provide flexibility to support end user experiences.

Scalable Support

Scalable Support

Start small and grow fast, or take one massive leap. We’ve got you covered.

Experience and Service

Experience and Service

Tap into our workforce expertise developed over 40M hours of data work.

Get to Market Faster

Get to Market Faster

Our proven operational methodology brings you the best result sooner with less effort.

CloudFactory helped us scale with accuracy and speed during this time of dramatic growth!

Matt McNamara

Director of Engineering


Nearmap | Roof Geometry

Our near real-time data labeling for Nearmap helped scale their roof geometry business 4x and deliver quality outputs.


Ibotta finds the people and technology to scale a data-verification process during the busiest retail season of the year.

Financial Services Company

A financial services company leveraged a managed workforce to improve turnaround time from days to just minutes with 99% accuracy.

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Finance - Document Processing Automation

You built your platform to automate document processing. Learn how we work behind the scenes to help you scale it while delivering high quality and performance.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Manufacturing technology is providing organizations around the world better insights and more control over logistics.

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