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Medical testing company SureHire leveraged on-demand workforce to improve turnaround time from days to minutes with 99%+ accuracy.

For SureHire - Occupational Testing Expert, CloudFactory Was The Smartest Choice Under The Sun

SureHire: A Snapshot


Since 2004, SureHire has been helping employers access and implement the latest in occupational testing technologies and protocols in order to get the full picture of the state of their workforce.

As Canada’s expert in occupational testing services, the company offers consistent and convenient testing that enables employers to place the right person in the right job; increase worker productivity and reduce onsite incidents and worker turnover.

Balancing Accuracy, Throughput and Cost

In the occupational testing market, speed is the name of the game. The faster a company like SureHire can turnaround the results of its tests, the faster its customers can make the hiring decisions crucial to their ongoing success. After all, the perfect prospective employee may have neither the time nor the inclination to wait for one job offer before accepting another.

CloudFactory enabled us to process more results faster. Our turnaround time has decreased 5X and the average cost per result has decreased over 70%!
John Hawes
CCO, SureHire

“Back then,” says John Hawes, CCO of SureHire, “our small processing staff was busy just handling between 50 to 60 results per day.” On average, it took SureHire’s staff several hours to turnaround results, and at an average cost that did not do enough to differentiate the company from its competitors. The average turnaround time for those results could take several hours and at an average cost that did not sufficiently differentiate SureHire from its competitors.”

“Although our processing staff was stretched to its limits,” John says, “we also knew we had to grow our business, which also meant that we had to be able to handle more results.”

So John and his team started searching for solutions to increase the speed with which the company could more accurately process a higher volume of results. And all this at a lower cost per result.

Initially, John and his team “figured that the way to handle more work was to simply hire more operations workers.” But this potential solution, SureHire quickly realized, only reinforced concerns about the costs of onboarding more employees.

SureHire Puts Its Head in the Clouds

As SureHire eventually moved towards a cloud-based solution for its processing demands, the company started to face a crucial hiring decision of its own. Ultimately, John and his team decided on CloudFactory. Why did SureHire pick CloudFactory? John says it best:

Scalability: When we started with CloudFactory, we had 8 people working in our results processing department who generated 100-150 results a day. And today? Now we employ 7 people in that department, but we’re processing about 500 results a day! So we’ve maintained the same basic number of staff, but we’ve nevertheless scaled up the business just because CloudFactory is able to process everything for us.

Accuracy: Our results aren’t only faster and less expensive--they’re also better. At CloudFactory, the work gets split up and divided so that multiple people have the opportunity to review a given file. With so many fresh pairs of eyes on each file, we’ve watched our accuracy go up considerably.

Cost and Turnaround Time: CloudFactory enables us to process more results faster. “Our turnaround time has decreased nearly 5X and the average cost per result has decreased over 70%!

Surehire Outpaces the Competition

By partnering with CloudFactory, SureHire has lowered its employee costs while scaling its business and increasing its margins. “With CloudFactory, we can get as big as we need to without having to significantly grow and change our workforce,” says John.

With CloudFactory, we can get as big as we need to without having to significantly grow and change our workforce.
John Hawes
CCO, SureHire

Furthermore, the competition is starting to fall far behind. “We’re on the way to becoming a market leader. Our competitors can’t come close to our level of service. Even with turnaround times approaching 3 days, none of our competitors can match the accuracy of our results.”

“CloudFactory makes it much easier for us to sign-up new companies because we deliver what we promise,” says John. “And our longtime customers know for certain that they’ll get great service with us.”

With such advantages, SureHire is finding it easier to both generate new and retain old clients.

You eliminate manual work, lower overhead costs, increase staff productivity, improve customer experience and increase speed-to-market.