What We Offer For Data Processing

The CloudFactory

be.EFFICIENT WorkStream

The most cost effective solution for high-volume repetitive tasks.

We staff CloudWorkers with the patience and consistency to perform repetitive tasks with precision. Focus on what matters while your team gives these important but time-consuming tasks the same attention to detail that you would if you had the time.

These CloudWorkers are vetted and trained to accurately perform repetitive tasks like image and document transcription at scale.

We offer just the right level of collaboration with your team to keep you connected to your work but out of the minute to minute detail.

Best for data that is not deadline-driven, we work through your backlog of data or tasks efficiently without the extra cost associated with hourly or daily predictability.

The CloudFactory

be.ELASTIC WorkStream

The highest level of control for the most time sensitive work.

Our CloudWorker teams are enabled with the training and technology to accurately process the most time sensitive work that powers your core business. We work through your data quickly, providing the highest levels of predictability and control over when your data is available.

These CloudWorkers are vetted and trained to accurately perform repetitive tasks like image and document transcription at scale.

We offer collaboration and support to ensure you have consistent hands-on access to your team and its leadership.

Best for data that is very time sensitive, this WorkStream ensures your data is available when you need it.

The CloudFactory

be.AGILE WorkStream

The support you need to stay on top of rapidly changing business needs.

Access CloudWorkers with the highest level of skill and agility to accurately process routine work that changes as quickly as your business. Communication with your dedicated team lead ensures new use cases and guidelines are added quickly and efficiently for maximized outcomes.

These CloudWorkers are vetted and trained for their ability to apply reasoning and judgement to routine tasks like moderating, enriching and tagging data.

We offer collaboration and support to facilitate an effective feedback loop that promotes agility.

Best for data with moderate time sensitivity, we work through your data providing predictability and control over when we will have your data available.


WorkStream Essentials

Context matters. Unlike crowdsourced solutions, our teams work with you to understand the backdrop of your business and the nuances of your project. Our CloudWorkers are vetted for both skill and character, receiving growth and training opportunities that naturally result in high-quality work.

Each WorkStream is driven by a proven methodology focused on scaling your data processing needs with tight quality controls for maximum task precision. Our process, including daily sprints, paired learning, and iterative feedback loops, supports rapid time to market which means faster time to value for you.

Our proprietary platform is an integral part of every WorkStream, reducing the friction of working with an external team and provides visibility to every step of the process. Our technology powers your project with enhanced team workspaces, real-time quality visualization, and seamless collaboration tools.

Add Ons

You can customize your WorkStream with the following capabilities

secured facilities

Secured Facilities

We can meet a variety of security needs from simply bringing your team into a CloudFactory managed facility to adding heightened data security. Our Shield service ensures that your work is delivered from a CloudFactory managed facility. Shield Plus includes secure devices, software, and IT protocols, along with dedicated working spaces with enhanced physical security in effect 24x7x365 for your most sensitive data.

premium workstation

Premium Workstation

We ensure that our CloudWorkers have a workstation to support the most common data tasks. For WorkStreams that require higher bandwidth, compute or displays, we can ensure that they have access to a premium technology package.



At CloudFactory, we are tool agnostic. That means you can provide your own web-based tooling, free of charge, or have your CloudWorkers use the cloud-based or on-premise tools of your choosing. That includes our best-in-class microtasking platform, which combines task atomization and smart automation to scale high-volume, repetitive workflows.

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