WorkStream Shield

Trusted Security & Compliance

WorkStream Shield


Platform Encryption

CloudFactory provides “in-motion” and “at-rest” data encryption according to regulatory requirements and industry best-practices. This provides confidence for customers who process sensitive, confidential or proprietary data and security standards that meet external and internal compliance policies.



Access Control Management

CloudFactory adheres to the “least privileged” access policy, which means we only allow authorized team members to access data that is required to perform their work. We also require multi-factor authentication for all employees to access any of our corporate systems, including the CloudFactory platform. All access is centrally controlled so we can monitor and audit, as well as remove access immediately when necessary.



Vulnerability Scanning

CloudFactory regularly performs internal and external vulnerability tests to assess necessary enhancements to address evolving security threats. Our DevOps team constantly monitors activity to detect and prevent intrusion of our platform. Any improvements to our platform adhere to our high security standards. All events are logged so we can perform forensic analysis of attacks and identify anomalies so we’re alerted to potential security incidents.


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