Computer Vision & Smart Retail: Accelerating AI Innovation at Scale

The Time for Retail AI is Now.

The retail industry is in a constant state of disruption, and it is accelerating. Brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to stay open, stocked, and staffed, and consumers are demanding contactless shopping and delivery. Today, leading brands, product manufacturers, and retailers are using artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision (CV) technology to address the challenges and improve customer and employee experiences.

This ebook dives into the opportunity for AI innovation in retail today and the role data labeling and annotation workforces play in producing and refining computer vision solutions.

In this guide, we explore:

  • How AI and computer vision support in-store and fulfillment experiences.
  • An overview of retail AI and the high-quality, labeled data that trains and refines deep learning models.
  • Computer vision use cases including autonomous checkout, automation, robotics, spatial intelligence, and innovators to watch in these spaces.
  • Top questions we hear from retail innovators about outsourced data annotation quality, scalability, and cost.

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