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Stop AI projects from stalling. Ensure reliable and trustworthy model inference that delivers real business value with CloudFactory's AI Data Platform.

AI Lifecycle

CloudFactory's AI Data Platform empowers teams to deliver real results

Our technology and talent help you develop and deploy reliable, trustworthy AI from idea to production faster.

ai data

AI Data

Create and prepare high-quality, structured datasets that fuel model accuracy and performance, and result in faster deployment.

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gen ai


Improve foundational LLM model performance with fine-tuning, such as prompt-answer pair evaluation and reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF).

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model oversight

Model Oversight

Oversee production model inference to monitor, audit, and manage AI models for peak performance and assurance.

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Professional services that guide you from idea to production

We accelerate your journey from innovative concepts to fully operational AI solutions using a proven methodology that combines professional services and our state-of-the-art AI Data Platform.

  • ML experts guide you through problem discovery to understand your specific needs.
  • We guide your project through the proof of value and MVP stages.
  • Your AI solution is scaled into full production.

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Professional services that guide you from idea to production

An AI data platform that meets you where you are

Our flexible and configurable AI Data Platform gets your inference to perform reliably in production and delivers real business results for your unique AI journey.

By combining advanced technology with human expertise, our AI Data Platform ensures the AI you build actually gets into production.

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An AI data platform that meets you where you are

What our clients say

LineVision and CloudFactory are working together to help utilities reach a clean energy future, faster. We appreciate having a resource to focus on calibrating our data and making sure it’s accurate. Our partnership has allowed us to accelerate that work.

Carson Casey

Carson Casey

Director of Marketing


Everyone on the CloudFactory team has been incredibly helpful and communicative throughout the time we've been working with them. They quickly pivot when given feedback or adjustments and the quality of the data has been very high. We couldn't have done this project without them and are so grateful!

Maddie Harvey

Maddie Harvey


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We’re driving better oversight and observability in our production AI models. Through our partnership with CloudFactory and its Model Monitoring & Oversight solution, we’re improving monitoring and proactively detecting model degradations faster to minimize downtime.

Leonard Grazian

Engineering Manager, Computer Vision, GameChanger


At Charles River Analytics, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible with AI and machine learning. The synergy with CloudFactory has not only accelerated our projects but has fundamentally enhanced the value of our intellectual property and enabled us to set new standards in the domain of marine mammal detection.

Ross Eaton

Principal Scientist and Director of Marine Systems, Charles River Analytics

Charles River Analytics

Client success stories

GameChanger: Accelerated Annotation

Data annotation from CloudFactory helps GameChanger reach new heights in data quality so it can continue to grow youth sports.

10x more data labeled in a single period
2x reduction in labeling costs
5x faster labeling time

GameChanger: Model Monitoring

Model monitoring of real-world apps by CloudFactory helps GameChanger attain higher customer satisfaction and fan engagement across youth sports.

Reliability of computer vision models
Resolving low-confidence inferences and edge cases
Verifying production models’ behavior against key risk frameworks

Charles River Analytics

Accelerated Annotation helps Charles River Analytics scale high-quality data annotation to fuel stronger maritime AI initiatives.

30K+ images labeled, scaled from hundreds
$100K+ in annual cost savings
20x faster labeling time
Charles River Analytics

Industries we empower

Aerial and Geospatial

Fuel your aerial and geospatial AI initiatives with accurate image data processing.

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Autonomous Vehicle

Achieve your AV safety goals faster while reducing risk with high-quality data annotation.

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Financial Services

Expedite your financial document and data processing quality with faster turnaround times.

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Advance patient care by building safe, accurate AI models with precise data annotation.

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Insurance and Insurtech

Improve risk assessment and delight customers with high-quality data processing.

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Automate retail operations with cost-effective data annotations and data processing.

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We make AI work for you


Cloudfactory's AI Data Platform empowers organizations to build and deploy reliable AI that delivers real business results.

  • Inference-centric is the next wave of AI development
    Inference optimization unlocks the value of AI by closing the gap between the limits of your model’s current performance and your desired outcome.
  • Humans make AI better
    The combination of machine and human intelligence is required to deploy reliable, trustworthy AI in production.
  • Data is the differentiator in modern AI
    Creating a unique, proprietary dataset through systematic iteration builds the momentum needed to consistently improve model performance.

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Why Choose CloudFactory?

Quality, Speed, and Scalability

Quality, Speed, and Scalability

Combination of innovative AI technology, comprehensive solutions, and human expertise that delivers the quality, speed, and scale your data and models need.

AI-Powered Automation

AI-Powered Automation

Automation that continuously adapts to your AI initiatives and specific use case needs.

Critical Insights

Critical Insights

We’ll let you know when something isn’t working so your data and models can achieve maximum accuracy and performance.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and Confidentiality

Dedicated to process excellence, data security, and compliance—ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Experience and Service

Experience and Service

Deep workforce expertise developed over 8M hours of fine-tuning and perfecting AI data and models.

Get to Market Faster

Get to Market Faster

Our proven operational methodologies across the entire AI lifecycle bring you the best results sooner, with less effort.