CloudFactory launches Accelerated Annotation, a new vision AI product

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I have a partner that I can go to for scaling up my labeling efforts. I can churn out new models because I can get the data prepared quickly.

Srivatsan Laxman

Founder and CEO, True Lark

Our collaboration with CloudFactory was instrumental in bringing to market our new product, Hydra. This advanced version of our platform now includes a combination of hardware and software capabilities that dramatically increases our perception of on-road driving scenarios, something completely new to the industry.

Scott Ryvola

Director of Engineering, Luminar

With the help of CloudFactory, we’re being a lot more ambitious with our datasets. We have the freedom now to spend 400 hours annotating a large data set, because it isn’t taking up the time of internal resources.

Francois Lemarchand

Senior Data Scientist, Hummingbird Technologies

CloudFactory stands out among data labeling companies.

Joe Morrison

Joe Morrison

Imagery Analysis, Azavea

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As customer expectations evolve, companies are turning to AI to make the retail experience more convenient and customized.

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The CloudFactory team flexed up, and we sailed through our busiest time of the year without breaking a sweat.

Zev Barsky

Zev Barsky

VP of Operations, Ibotta

The CloudFactory team quickly caught on to what we were doing. They understood the eccentricities of the work and asked the right questions and acted very quickly on any feedback we had.

Gus Goldsack

Product Manager, Bizly

By far CloudFactory has the best quality in terms of data entry. I don’t have to continuously look over someone's shoulder so I can focus on other parts of my business. Without CloudFactory, I’d probably be going through multiple data entry companies trying to find one that I could trust.

Traven Watase

Founder & CEO, Scholars App

It’s easy to discount how hard it is to find people that are good, affordable, consistent and reliable. It’s hard to hire for. CloudFactory has it figured out. Not only is it way less expensive than if we did it ourselves, it just takes so much pain off our plate.

Chief Technology Officer

Sensor-as-a-Service company

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