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Three Ways to Tap Into CloudFactory's On-Demand Workforce

Agile Production



For flexible and ongoing data work with a dedicated workforce.

Extend your team in days with a DataSquad that consists of a Squad Leader and as many vetted and skilled data specialists as you need.

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Lean Production



For high volume, repetitive data work on CloudFactory’s platform.

Leverage CloudFactory’s API-driven workforce and platform to drive new levels of efficiency and scale for your routine and repetitive work.

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Batch Production



For individual or semi-regular data projects.

Connect with one of our Project Coordinators immediately to process a batch of data on budget and on time.               

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Meet Your On-Demand Workforce

CloudFactory’s solution starts at the most critical point, giving you access to the right people. But not just any people, thoroughly trained, fully equipped and properly motivated people across the globe. Most importantly, it’s a workforce that’s specifically trained on your business rules.

Meet Your On-Demand Workforce

Skilled & Globally Selected

Our workforce is recruited from talent “hot spots” around the globe such as Nepal and Kenya where we can hire the best and brightest, providing our customers with substantial cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Semi-Distributed Workforce Model

CloudFactory provides unparallelled agility and scalability because of our semi-distributed workforce model. Our cell-based approach is carefully designed for effective collaboration and management, and our workers can plug in from anywhere in the world assuring maximum coverage.

Privately Managed & Custom Trained

Unlike other faceless crowdsourcing models, CloudFactory constantly invests in hiring the best talent and then we focus on developing our workforce. Our workers are tested and vetted by our workforce team, then they’re trained on our customer’s specific business rules assuring high-quality work at affordable rates.

Workforce Virtualization

With CloudFactory’s platform and API-driven workforce, businesses can vitalize and integrate data directly into their systems. This combination allows our customers to scale fast and smart, gaining a significant competitive advantage over competitors doing things the same old way.

Workforce Virtualization

breaking down the Work

We’re experts in scaling ongoing, high-volume data vitalization work. Our platform slices data of all kinds into microtasks that are distributed to our on-demand workforce. The end result? Incredibly efficient workflows that are fast, scalable and cost efficient.

Human Intelligence Optimized

CloudFactory’s technology platform was purposefully designed to deliver speed, efficiency and accuracy by leveraging the latest in automation such as OCR, computer vision and speech recognition. Tasks are automated at all stages of a workflow – before, during, and after human tasks, and our API allows for fluid integration of data into virtually any platform.

Flexible for Scalability

Having access to great global talent is one thing, but having the ability to tap into that talent on an as-needed basis is critical for businesses that want to scale smart. Our platform provides the flexibility necessary to invest in the capacity you need, only when you need it.

Strategic Partnership

A Strategic Partnership That Delivers Results

CloudFactory is built to provide scalable solutions from the bottom up, meaning we make sure the solutions your business needs to succeed and scale smart are the exact solutions we provide.

Cutting Edge Industry Knowledge

We'll connect your business with a custom-built team of CloudFactory experts including Solution Architects, Analysts and Production Managers who can understand and anticipate what your business needs are and build the best pathway to getting your critical data work done.

DIY (Do it Yourself) or DIFM (Do it For Me)?

You have customers to serve and a mandate to grow. For those who go it alone, vitalizing and integrating data can be painful, costly and distracting from your core business. CloudFactory has the workforce, technology and expertise to take this work off your plate so you can focus on the essential work of serving customers and growing your business.

Innovative Solutions

Our customers trust us to execute millions of tasks per day, that’s no small feat. CloudFactory is committed to being a trusted  partner as you scale and grow. As the needs of your business change, we’ll be right by your side helping you scale smart by reducing risk and providing a flexible, agile solution to get this necessary but distracting work off your plate.

Expensify is growing fast and making expense reporting hassle-free. CloudFactory has helped us scale with accuracy and speed during this time of dramatic growth!

Matt McNamara

Director of Engineering
Matt McNamara

How CloudFactory Works

Find out how CloudFactory can work for your business

  • Discover

    We’ve worked with enough technology-driven companies to know that every workflow is as unique as the competitive advantage that sets our customers apart. Instead of providing you with a cookie cutter solution, our experienced Solution Architects will work with you to recommend the appropriate production approach that fits your business requirements and goals.

  • Build

    Now that we know your specific business rules, we create a tailored workflow to seamlessly process your work. We determine the right mix of technology and people to deliver results quickly and accurately at scale. We know that the work you need requires a human touch, but we also leverage our technology and platform to make the workflow hyper-efficient and accurate.

  • Train

    Because we hand select and manage our own workforce, we are able to train them on your specific business rules, no matter how nuanced. We also leverage Artificial Intelligence to streamline workflows for scalable efficiency and accurate results.

  • Plug and Work

    We're ready to go! Your production line is perfectly tuned and capable of processing your tasks 24/7, regardless of fluctuations in volume. Your dedicated Production Manager will closely monitor your workflows to ensure we've got the right person working on the right task at the right time. All you need to do is plug into our API and send us the data to process.

  • Grow

    This is our favorite step. Now you can use your vitalized data to grow and scale your business more efficiently than ever before!

Meet Our Workforce

Our workforce virtualization platform allows our customers to scale their work quickly and accurately, our solutions really start at the most critical point, providing access to the right people. But not just any people: thoroughly trained, fully equipped, and properly motivated people from all over the globe. And, most importantly, our workforce is specifically trained on your business rules.

An On-Demand, API-driven workforce for scaling smart

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