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We've made it incredibly easy to get started, collaborate and scale!

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Explore our library of use cases, engage with a Solutions Specialist to establish your business rules and get started fast!

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We'll help you determine how many hours and people you'll need, assemble your team, train them up and manage the day-to-day so you can focus on innovation and growth.


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Ongoing collaboration and team management are a breeze with the CloudFactory app. Connect with your Team Lead, adjust requirements and keep work flowing seamlessly.

Bright People

We recruit, train and manage an incredibly talented, global workforce so you don’t have to.
Pair your tools and processes with our professionally managed workforce.

Scale a team for data work

Skilled & Globally Selected

Our workforce is selectively recruited from talent “hot spots” around the globe like Nepal and Kenya where we’re able to hire the most talented people, creating significant value for our customers.

Only the Best

CloudFactory employs a rigorous screening process to assure we get the best talent available. We leverage technology to screen, assess, interview and onboard the best people at a scale beyond the capabilities of most businesses.

Designed to Maximize Potential

Our cell-based workforce model is designed to maximize collaboration, productivity & performance. Much more than a paycheck, we offer leadership training and invest into personal growth, fostering a motivating culture that rewards ownership and results.

Brilliant Tech

We're constantly innovating to transform how businesses get work done.

Brilliant Tech

Predictive Quality & Performance

Our custom browser constantly captures each worker’s activity and engagement while work is performed. We utilize that data by leveraging the latest in computer vision and other machine learning algorithms to predict worker efficiency and productivity in real-time.

Intuitive Collaboration

Easy and intuitive communication is essential to working smart. That’s why every WorkStream has its own Slack-like channels to make communication, file sharing and collaboration simple and quick.

Real-Time Visibility

Each WorkStream has a dashboard with detailed insights into the health of your WorkStream, providing visibility and control. You can monitor and adjust capacity, schedules and more to optimize your WorkStream as you scale your business.

Strategic Partnership

Bold Vision

We exist to create meaningful work for one million people in the developing world!

Untapped Talent

We believe that talent is equally distributed but opportunity is not. We are closing that gap with technology that effectively shrinks the distance between companies and the incredible pool of global talent yet to be tapped.

Maximizing Potential

By harnessing the massive reserve of untapped talent in every corner of the globe, we will maximize the potential of people, companies and ideas. We are committed to investing in our workforce and developing leaders worth following.

Strategic Impact

Our model creates a win-win formula. Developing communities win through greater access to meaningful work and our customers win by strategically tapping into high-quality talent so they can focus on innovation and growth.

Here's what our customers are saying!

Expensify is growing fast and making expense reporting hassle-free. CloudFactory has helped us scale with accuracy and speed during this time of dramatic growth!

Matt McNamara

Matt McNamaraDirector of Engineering


“CloudFactory has met and exceeded our performance targets in velocity, quality and ramp time”




Zev Barsky

Zev BarskyVP of Customer Support


CloudFactory has enabled our team to maintain focus on the big opportunities in front of us by making it easy to extend our team globally and taking repetitive data work off our plate.”

Eric Boss

Eric BoggsCEO


Meet Our Workforce

We believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.

CloudFactory's value starts at the at the most critical point, providing access to bright people. We vet, train and manage people from all over the globe so our customers don't have to. Check out this video to learn more about the people that make CloudFactory the leader in the Impact Sourcing movement.

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