Human-powered Data Processing for AI and Automation

Extend Your Team

Extend Your Team

Our managed teams have served hundreds of clients across use cases that range from simple to complex.

Quality at Scale

Quality at Scale

Our proven processes deliver quality data quickly and are designed to scale and change along with your needs.

Use Any Tool

Use Any Tool

Our flexible platform integrates with any commercial or proprietary tool set so you can use the right tool for the job.

Subscription-based Terms

Subscription-based Terms

Flexible contract terms and pricing help you to get started quickly and to scale up and down as needed with no lock-in.

Remote Work Expertise

Remote Work Expertise

For nearly a decade, clients have trusted our secure IT-Infrastructure and workforce vetting processes to deliver quality work remotely.

Built for Business Continuity

Built for Business Continuity

We maintained operations during COVID-19 lockdowns, keeping our clients up-and-running and adding geographic and vendor diversity to their workforces.

What We Offer

Machine Learning

For Machine Learning

Dedicated, tech-forward, and scalable teams building the most accurate and reliable training datasets to bring AI to life through computer vision, NLP, and predictive analytics applications.

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Core Data Processing

For Core Data Processes

Flexible workforce solutions to accurately process high-volume, routine tasks and time-sensitive data that powers your core business.

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Computer Vision
Data Entry
Data Enrichment

Use Cases

From spatial data and object recognition, to semantic understanding and 3D point cloud annotations, we bring a greater understanding of the visual world with detailed, accurately tagged images and datasets to improve the user experience.

Accurately tag and annotate images and videos, train sentiment, semantic, syntax, and context analysis, and categorize and process statements, all to prepare datasets for smarter natural language processing algorithms across the automation ecosystem.

Save time and money by efficiently and accurately transcribing detail and leveraging optical character recognition from a host documents as well as image, video, and audio so core business processes can be executed rapidly. Additionally, datasets can be leveraged to gain key insights and metrics for more actionable, real-time reporting, allowing you to focus your valuable time elsewhere.

Machine learning and AI requires the use of large sets of data. Getting to an accurate data entry automation process takes extensive human interaction to train general datasets for large-scale application.

Aggregate and transcribe critical data by researching similar products from different resources to complete missing information, enhance competitive analysis, optimize sales data, or establish price comparison at massive scale.

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How it Works

Context matters. Unlike crowdsourced solutions, our teams work with you to understand the backdrop of your business and the nuances of your project. Our CloudWorkers are vetted for both skill and character, receiving growth and training opportunities that naturally result in high-quality work.

Each WorkStream is driven by a proven methodology focused on scaling your data processing needs with tight quality controls for maximum task precision. Our process, including daily sprints, paired learning, and iterative feedback loops, supports rapid time to market which means faster time to value for you.

Our proprietary platform is an integral part of every WorkStream, reducing the friction of working with an external team and provides visibility to every step of the process. Our technology powers your project with enhanced team workspaces, real-time quality visualization, and seamless collaboration tools.


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