Optimizing Data Pipelines Using Multiple Workforces

A consultative approach to managing multiple workforces in the AV data pipeline to maximize quality outputs and scale

If you’re an autonomous driving professional, you understand that data quality and workforce strategy play a crucial role in fueling autonomous driving technology. This guide will show you how to overcome common hurdles of working with multiple workforces and optimize your data pipeline to execute safe, reliable AV models.

In this guide, we explore:

  • Why high-quality data is everything in autonomous driving
  • The three phases of the AV data pipeline
  • How multiple workforces tackle bottlenecks in the AV data pipeline
  • The best way to optimize data pipelines with multiple workforces
  • Critical questions to ask a prospective partner to optimize your data pipeline
  • How CloudFactory’s AV-centric workforce approach can work for you

Selecting the right workforce from your pool of prospective partners is key to optimizing your AV data pipeline. Read the ebook to discover how people, process, and technology can work together in a multi-workforce model to deliver quality at scale and how CloudFactory delivers this value to AV innovators around the world.


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