The Outsourcers'  Guide to Quality

Tips for Ensuring Quality Data Labels from Outsourced Teams

Data quality is vital when creating reliable algorithms. For companies looking for a solution that equals the quality of their in-house team, it can seem as though outsourcing is an impossible option. Have no fear. The "Outsourcers' Guide to Quality" will help you predict the level of quality you can expect from a data labeling provider.

In this eBook, we explore:

  • The impact of vetting, training and management on data quality
  • How good processes can help with scaling, agility and quality control
  • The benefits of a tool agnostic approach to labeling project flow

What do you need to know about these factors while evaluating outsourced data teams? We explore each key area, share CloudFactory's approach, and reveal questions you should ask during vendor evaluations. No matter which data labeling partner you choose, we want you to choose confidently and receive quality data.


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