Wouldn’t it be nice if lawyers and businesses could review and explore legal documents in minutes instead of hours? Heretik is disrupting the legal industry by streamlining the contract review process with AI and efficient workflows. Their software helps people quickly extract relevant information from legal documents by applying machine learning, specifically natural language processing (NLP), to document text. To train the AI models Heretik developed, Heretik turned to CloudFactory.

In the client story, you’ll learn:

  • The training data challenge that led Heretik to consider outsourcing the work
  • Why they chose a managed workforce instead of crowdsourced data labelers
  • How CloudFactory helped Heretik get to market faster

We’ve been able to significantly accelerate our data science research. That’s sped up product development, especially early on where we cut in half the time it took to do some initial training of the data

Andy Abbott

Andy Abbott

Co-founder & CTO


Andy Abbott


Andy is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Heretik. Andy has over two decades of software engineering experience, with extensive knowledge of advanced development technologies and patterns, including nearly ten years of architecting projects in multiple cloud infrastructures.

Chris Tkach


Chris Tkach is the Director of Customer Success at Heretik. He as a diverse background including 10 years steering large-scale and complex projects delivering managed legal solutions to Fortune 100 companies along with prior experience as a litigation attorney.


Heretik is a lightweight contract review application that seamlessly integrates into existing contract management tools. Their solution enables teams to transform existing agreements into structured, actionable data to efficiently handle all types of corporate transaction and regulatory response use cases, enhancing best practices with minimal disruption.

From inception, they’ve prioritized cutting-edge machine learning technology along with workflow capabilities to allow everyone within an organization to take immediate action on existing contract data. Whether managing massive corporate transactions, extracting critical data in global lease agreements, or comparing messy bespoke contracts, their solution reduces days or weeks of work to minutes. The results? More accurate bids, better win rates, larger capacity to manage contracts, and expanded footprints within key accounts.

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