AI Innovation in Industrial Asset Management

How to Leverage Aerial Inspection Data with Humans in the Loop

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Challenging economic times are driving heavy industries to adopt AI to dramatically reduce the cost of asset inspection and management. How? By unlocking hands-free insights from high-quality aerial computer vision (CV) images, point clouds, and digital twin data.

Watch a replay of our discussion with Abyss Solutions, a pioneer in the autonomous inspection industry, and learn:

  • Steps to implement projects efficiently and effectively
  • Key trends in industrial asset inspection and management
  • The role of humans in the loop (HITL) in training and sustaining AI/ML models
  • Application use cases across the oil and gas industry, water infrastructure, and more

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Tristan Rouillard

Tristan Rouillard
VP of Machine Learning Solutions, CloudFactory


Tristan Rouillard is the VP of Machine Learning Solutions at CloudFactory. He leads the company’s strategy and direction related to ML products and solutions offered to CloudFactory’s clients globally.

Adam Petruszka

Adam Petruszka
Abyss Solutions


Adam Petruszka is the Director of Business Development at Abyss Solutions. He is responsible for sales strategy, account planning, and field sales within the North America region.