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Machine learning can be applied to innovate products, automate processes, and improve customer experiences. While AI is often hyped as a replacement for people, in reality, ML models can get confused by exceptions, edge cases, and unusual data, and when that happens, a person — sometimes called a human in the loop (HITL) — must get involved.

This second LinkedIn Live discussion in our three-part series explored combining business rules and advanced analytics predictions. An ongoing theme will be how to incorporate HITL when these processes need help.

Watch a replay of our discussion with James Taylor, Founder and CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and learn:

  • Why it pays to have humans in the loop when combining business rules and propensity score models
  • Tips for deploying people more strategically to ease decision management and ML challenges
  • How to design an HITL approach for better model outcomes

Tell us about yourself

Keith McCormick


Keith is CloudFactory’s Chief Data Science Advisor. He’s also an author, LinkedIn Learning contributor, university instructor, and conference speaker.

James Taylor


Decision Management Solutions is led by James Taylor. James has over 20 years experience in developing software and is the foremost thinker and writer on decision management. He is the leading expert in how to use business rules and machine learning to deliver Digital Decisioning.

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