Drone InspectionBuilding a Scalable and Efficient Data Pipeline for Today and Tomorrow

Webinar + Discussion

Scaling Drone Inspections with High-Quality Data, Computer Vision, and AI

Many industries have already adopted drones for inspections to save manpower, time, and money. But what’s next? Paul Christianson, CloudFactory’s VP of Strategic Industries, sat down with a panel of drone tech pioneers from BVLOS connectivity leader Elsight, drone analytics experts DroneDeploy, and leading drone manufacturer Skydio. The panelists discussed how building a scalable, efficient data pipeline provides reliable, actionable intelligence for drone inspection companies. They also covered the most likely areas where computer vision and AI will shape the future of drone inspection and the role high-quality data will play.

Watch a replay of the webinar to discover:

  • Fascinating examples of how aerial data is enhancing drone inspections.
  • How drones use connectivity solutions to continually capture data even when navigating complex networks and operating BVLOS.
  • How using data from multiple drone sensors and cameras gives your drone inspection team a wider range of insights.
  • Why scaling drone inspection operations is easier when you get data pipeline management right.
  • Why the industry is buckling up for the changes computer vision and AI will bring to drone inspections in 2022 and beyond.

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Paul Christianson

Paul ChristiansonVP of Strategic Industries


Paul has 15+ years of experience working with technology companies to develop and implement products and services at scale. He was an early employee at CloudFactory, playing a key role in building out our Go-To-Market strategy and then serving as the Vice President of Client Success, responsible for hundreds of AI/ML engagements. Paul now leads our strategic industries unit, which focuses on delivering best-in-class annotation solutions for Drone and Autonomous Vehicle companies.

Ben Gross

Ben GrossDirector of Marketing


Ben has more than a decade of experience in Israel's highly competitive startup ecosystem, helping companies reach their full potential. As Elsight's Marketing Director, Ben heads up all Marketing activities, and hosts the DroneSource podcast, interviewing influencers, up-and-comers, and notable position holders in the BVLOS UAV industry.

Jay Mulakala

Jay MulakalaSr. Manager, Solutions Engineering


Jay serves as the Sr. Manager of Solutions Engineering at DroneDeploy. He's spent the past decade working with companies in Construction, Energy, Agriculture, and Mining to leverage reality capture technologies such as drones, lidar, 360 cameras, and ground robotics to help them automate data capture, digitize their job sites, and monitor operations.

Colin Romberger

Colin RombergerSolutions Engineer


Colin is a Solutions Engineer at Skydio, the leading U.S. drone manufacturer and world leader in autonomous flight. Prior to Skydio, he served as Chief Pilot and Senior sUAS Operations Consultant for DARTdrones where he was responsible for the development and delivery of sUAS training and consultative services for the company’s enterprise clients.