Your Guide to AI and Automation Success Through Outsourcing

Driving AI Innovation: The vital role of high-quality data and effective outsourcing

AI and automation hold immense potential to drive innovation, but they all hinge on one crucial factor: high-quality data. For companies looking for a solution that equals the quality of their in-house team, it may seem as though outsourcing data work is an impossible route.

Don’t fret. This white paper covers our top tips on managing vendor relationships and setting them up for long-term success to maximize ROI.

Even if you already outsource, you may discover new ways to improve and optimize the process and relationship to achieve better outcomes.

Download to uncover:

  • Three steps to effective outsourcing
  • How to properly vet vendors
  • Our framework for reporting and assessing quality
  • The role of high-quality data and effective outsourcing
  • Training and sustaining AI models using HITL as a guiding principle

P.S. Read on to the end for a comprehensive vendor scorecard to help you make an informed decision about which vendor to partner with to optimize the results of your AI models.


Download the white paper