Human in the Loop: Accelerating the AI Lifecycle

Strategically Applying People in HITL Machine Learning

Human in the Loop: Accelerating the AI Lifecycle

Make Smart Workforce Decisions

How you deploy people throughout the AI lifecycle is an important decision with far-reaching consequences. Poor utilization of people - starting with the model development process - can lead to poor quality data, higher costs, and model failure. Knowing when and where to leverage humans in the loop is key to reducing the number of failed AI projects and the time that is wasted on them.

In this whitepaper, we share:

  • Seven key areas where a human in the loop can add significant value in the AI model development process
  • Challenges AI project teams are likely to encounter in each phase of the AI lifecycle and how a human-in-the-loop workforce can assist
  • How to design an HITL workforce to support data analysis while building and maintaining high-performing machine learning models

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