About Us

We built a factory in the cloud.

A big purpose

Connect one million people in the developing world to basic computer work and raise them up as leaders to address poverty in their own communities.


Now everyone has instant access to a virtual workforce billed by the minute. No more hiring, managing, overhead - just high quality results in near real-time.


Millions of our neighbors and friends have so much to offer the world. We are working our butts off to create opportunities and plug them into the global economy.

Geeks will change the world!

Someone once told me that, "Geeks will change the world!". So what would happen if a bunch of geeks moved their families to a third world country and did a tech startup to fight poverty and change the world?


Four years ago the first family came for a 2 week vacation to Nepal and ended up staying because they fell in love with a beautiful country and beautiful people. Since then, others have moved themselves and their families to join a new type of company. One that cares more about the social impact than the profits it can make. But a company also wise enough to know that profit is what helps grow the social impact and make it sustainable. The ideas come out of our years working with web applications, mobile apps, big data, gamification, data entry & processing, form design and processing, transcription, outsourcing, crowdsourcing and more (remember ... we are geeks!). But it all boils down to using technology to flatten the world, connect people into the global economy and raise up leaders to fight poverty and change their communities. We are changing the way the world works.

Traditional Assembly Lines

We think the outsourcing model is inefficient and broken. Our inspiration in solving this problem comes from Henry Ford introducing the assembly line to the world 100 years ago and the resulting disruption of the entire manufacturing industry. From the USA to Japan to Korea to China and many others, entire nations have been transformed with the assembly line and mass production at the foundation of this revolution.


Instead of a small group of mechanical engineers building one car to completion then moving on to build the next car, Ford broke the process down in to 84 steps and had lower-skilled workers specialize in each of those steps to produce the same car along an assembly line. This assembly line approach produced higher quality cars at a faster rate while decreasing the price for customers and increasing the money his employees took home at the end of the day. But what does this look like in the information revolution?

Virtual Assembly Lines

It isn't just the process of building a car that can be broken down into an assembly line design. Almost every organization has business processes that can be solved with the same approach. CloudFactory uses a combination of the latest technology and an amazing global workforce to bring assembly lines into the 21st century. Tedious computer work can now be completed faster, cheaper and to a higher accuracy thanks to CloudFactory. Contact our Solutions Team to talk about how we can build your very own virtual assembly line that meets the needs of your company.