Even Better Together.

Our trusted partner program combines CloudFactory’s expertise in digital work with the best annotation and labeling tools on the market.

The Benefit of Partners

Workforce and Tools

Integrating top talent with premium tools.


Our experienced cloud workers are familiar with many tools, whether out-of-the-box or customized. We understand having solid tools that perform seamlessly within our platform means greater productivity and higher quality results for our clients.

  • Turnkey solutions for both annotation tools and workforce.
  • Unified communications giving clients a better experience with partner tools.
  • Superior connection between tools and workforce.
  • Optimized for use cases, technologies and tools that enable, extend, and augment your CloudFactory workforce.

Value and Productivity

Deeper insights for superior performance.


Gain the advantage with greater control of your projects and transparency of team productivity. Accelerate onboarding and acclimation with tools and technology already proven to outperform.

  • We add value to your selection process through greater knowledge and familiarity of the top tools and their capabilities.
  • Our Pulse insights feature provides a lens to project throughputs, quality, and individual productivity levels.
  • Our technology delivers insights and analytics about the workforce to manage them more granularly.

Application and Outcomes

Achieving excellence with the highest caliber solutions.


We seek the utmost quality in each capability and every touchpoint within our partner program. From the tools themselves, to the client and partner experience, extending to the data work excellence our teams deliver, we leverage only the best.

  • We consistently seek better outcomes for our partners and our valuable clients who use their tried and tested tools.
  • Every solution we leverage must support achieving the highest quality in data work.
  • Our ability to deliver agile and scalable solutions to clients means we place a premium on a trustworthy partner network.

Our Partners

CloudFactory takes great care in the real world testing, seamless integration, and use case alignment of premium tools. Introducing our partners of choice.

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