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Our Beliefs

At CloudFactory, we believe that the best AI solutions combine advanced AI technology and human expertise. Our AI Data Platform empowers organizations to build reliable AI that solves real problems and delivers tangible business results.

Inference-centric is the next wave of AI development

Inference-centric is the next wave of AI development

Inference optimization unlocks the value of AI by closing the gap between the limits of your model’s current performance and your desired outcome.

Humans make AI better

Humans make AI better

The combination of machine and human intelligence is required to deploy reliable, trustworthy AI in production.

Data is a strategic asset

Data is the differentiator in modern AI

Creating a unique, proprietary dataset through systematic iteration builds the momentum needed to consistently improve model performance.

Our Story

A simple idea to change the world

Delivering on the promise of AI

In 2010, CloudFactory was founded in Nepal, inspired by the belief that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. What started as a two-week family vacation for our founder, turned into a mission to integrate technology and human expertise, and uniquely enable companies to transform using AI.

Over the years, CloudFactory perfected the process of hiring and training a global AI workforce, building a culture of curious and passionate individuals who care deeply about their work. This translated into a team that created tremendous value for their clients. We’ve now helped over 700 clients develop high-quality datasets and high-performing models and launch groundbreaking AI solutions.

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Our roots are strong but growth demands change

Building on a strong foundation and our successful acquisition of Hasty, an inference-centric AI data platform, we're expanding and reaching beyond data labeling services to include the entire AI lifecycle. Because no matter how much ML teams tune their models, play with hyperparameters, or enhance training datasets, their model’s performance – its inference – just doesn’t meet expectations. The model doesn't produce reliable results, making it hard for ML teams to fully uncover the benefits of AI in their business and for their customers.

This is where our story takes a pivotal turn.

We're now an AI data platform company. We help businesses combine machine and human intelligence to improve AI model accuracy. Our platform's human-in-the-loop approach corrects errors and edge cases that automation alone can't handle, continuously improving model performance.

With an inference-centric methodology, unique datasets, and our skilled professionals, we enable ML teams to build better AI solutions for real-world problems. Our modular, flexible AI Data Platform ensures seamless development and monitoring, speeding up production and driving real financial impact.

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Leadership Team

CloudFactory’s global senior leadership team combines decades of experience to deliver innovative AI solutions for our clients.

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