Maximizing the Value of Your Autonomous Vehicle Data

Uncover how to get the most value from your AV data through accurate annotation in this on-demand webinar.

Improve Your Finance AI Strategy with Humans in the Loop

How a combination of AI, automation, and humans in the loop enables you to scale quickly while maintaining data quality.

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes in Data Labeling

Scaling your data labeling operation effectively and efficiently: Lessons from our 10M+ hours of labeling experience.

Ethically Designed AI Systems

Taking ethics beyond algorithms: The real scope of conventional AI ethics and the critical role of humans in the loop.

AI Innovation in Industrial Asset Management

How to leverage aerial inspection data with humans in the loop and use AI to cut asset inspection and management costs.

Agritecture & Computer Vision Raise the Bar for Sustainable Hops Farming

Learn how Agritecture, Asahi, and Microsoft help Czech hops farmers fight climate change using computer vision and technology.

Drone Inspection - Building a Scalable and Efficient Data Pipeline for Today and Tomorrow

In this webinar, a panel of drone tech pioneers talks about how AI and computer vision, backed by high-quality data, is shaping the future of drone inspections.

Maximizing Data Labeling Operations in High-Stakes Industries

V7 Labs’ Alberto Rizzoli and CloudFactory’s Keith McCormick discuss overcoming data annotation challenges like scaling teams, labeling complex data, and handling edge cases.

Human in the Loop Machine Learning: What a Veteran Data Scientist Wishes You Knew

In this webinar, we explore the definition, benefits, and use cases for human in the loop (HITL) machine learning from the perspective of seasoned data science practitioners.

A Chat with Smart Cities Expert and Author, Jonathan Reichental

Keith McCormick and Jonathan Reichental discuss smart cities, the data they collect, and the impact of AI technology like autonomous vehicles.

A Chat with the World’s First Chief Data Officer, Usama Fayyad

Keith McCormick and Usama Fayyad discuss autonomous vehicles, deep learning, NLP, and the future of data science in this on-demand webinar.

A Chat with Human in the Loop Expert and Author, Robert Monarch

Interested in humans in the loop machine learning? Watch a replay of Keith McCormick and Robert Monarch’s discussion about HITL, workforce options, ethics, and active learning.

Optimize ROI for RPA with Strategic Outsourcing

Now is the time to implement robotic process automation (RPA). We discuss maximizing ROI, workforce decisions, and exception processing with Ian Barkin of SYKES.

Decision Management: Business Rules and Machine Learning

How should you combine your predictive models with existing business rules? Watch this discussion with James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions to learn how to optimize ML outcomes.

Maximizing ROI for Machine Learning

How can humans in the loop help optimize machine learning outcomes? Hear from ML experts CloudFactory's Keith McCormick and Dean Abbott, Chief Data Scientist at SmarterHQ.

The Future of Human-powered Data Annotation

Data annotation is seeing advances such as using AI and automation that seemingly promise to eliminate the need for human-powered labeling. This panel explores the future of humans-in-the-loop data annotation and what role your labeling workforce will play in the years to come.

Building Your Next Machine Learning Data Set

Gathering an initial data set for your machine learning project is the first hurdle on the path to a successful ML algorithm. CloudFactory and Keymakr discuss the attributes of an ideal data set, the pros and cons of using a pre-created data set, and best practices for building your own.

5 QA Methods to Win the Race to Quality Data

The end goal for every data labeling project is quality data - but how do you get there? There are several QA workflow types but each has pros and cons when it comes to the quality and speed of data outputs. In this panel discussion, we will explore 5 quality assurance workflows for data labeling including tooling, staffing, and how each workflow affects throughput and data quality.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Data Labeling Service

It takes a mountain of data to train, test, and build machine learning algorithms and AI projects. You may be considering hiring a data labeling service to take the burden off your in-house data scientists and machine learning engineers. But what does that entail? Watch the webinar to learn what you need to know before hiring a data labeling service.