Managed Workforce Solutions for theHealthcare Industry

CloudFactory delivers precise, fast, and secure data annotation to accelerate the journey from medical innovation to patient care.

A Few Use Cases We Support

Medical Devices

Precise image annotation enables accurate AI object recognition for health-monitoring and robotics applications.

Learn more about medical devices.

Medical Research and Pathology

Advances in AI applications for disease studies and drug development depend on accurate tissue and cell image annotation.

Learn more about medical research and pathology.

Clinical Imaging and Medical AI Diagnostics

Quality clinical image annotation enables highly accurate AI diagnostics and eases the burden on medical professionals.

Learn more about medical imaging and diagnostics.

Robotic Automation

The combination of AI and robotics impacts many industries, including healthcare where robotic automation is increasing accuracy and improving patient outcomes.

Learn more about robotic automation.


Boost Data Quality

Increase AI Model Accuracy

CloudFactory data analysts quickly learn to perform complex 2-D and 3-D medical image segmentation and annotation to your quality standards.

Speed Time to Market

Speed Time to Market

Our managed workforce gives you the flexibility to adjust annotation requirements early and then scale quickly as imaging volumes increase.

Maintain Privacy and Security

Maintain Privacy and Security

CloudFactory has safeguards in place to comply with HIPAA security requirements and protect sensitive personal and health information.

Scale Your Operations

Scale Your Operations

From proof of concept to production, tap our proven people, processes, and technology to ramp up to your full potential.

Harness Our Expertise

Harness Our Expertise

Our healthcare industry training and proficiency in labeling medical images ensures you get quality data, fast.

Ensure Your Success

Ensure Your Success

Lean on our 10+ years of experience providing consultations, guidance, and best-in-class tooling recommendations for AI innovators.

Ready to Get Started?

We’re here, ready to train our data analysts to prepare high-quality data for your medical AI projects.

Trusted by 700+ innovative companies

Deepcell Activ Surgical SimBioSys Sartorius

The team is very responsive and shows initiative to learn our labelling process. We have appreciated the personal growth of the team members and their ability to be flexible with all the changes we have thrown at them as we expand our company and develop innovative products.

Amy-Wong Thai



Why CloudFactory?

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality

Trust CloudFactory to deliver high-quality data. We have more than a decade of experience and a client NPS consistently in the 60–70+ range.

Expert Annotators

Expert Annotators

Our data analysts have annotated millions of complex medical images, reducing the learning curve for meeting your quality standards.

Tooling Flexibility

Tooling Flexibility

Because CloudFactory works with all leading labeling tools, you can use the right tool for the job, whether yours or third-party.

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CloudFactory earns HIPAA compliant business associate validation

As a HIPAA-compliant business associate, CloudFactory is committed to protecting sensitive personal and health data.

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