Serving Scholarships to Deserving Students
Education Technology | Data Enrichment

Serving Scholarships to Deserving Students

Scholars App turned to CloudFactory to build and vet their scholarship database and expand their users.

True Lark Scales Chatbot Enhancements
Autonomous System | Text Annotation

True Lark Scales Chatbot Enhancements

True Lark turned to CloudFactory to help them scale data tagging for development of a robust customer communication solution.

Hummingbird Technologies
Agriculture | Image Annotation

Farming for the Future

Learn how CloudFactory helped Hummingbird Technologies develop crop analytics for farmers around the world.

Boosting Medical AI with Annotated COVID-19 Data
Medical | Image Annotation

Boosting Medical AI with Annotated COVID-19 Data

V7 Labs and CloudFactory created an open dataset for medical practitioners to train ML models and streamline triage.

Autonomous Systems | 3D Lidar Annotation

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

CloudFactory helped Luminar launch a product that dramatically increases autonomous vehicle perception.

Business Intelligence | Image Annotation

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy

Sensor-as-a-service start-up finally finds an annotation solution that can help them expand.

Legal Services | Text Annotation

Managed Workforce Helps Legal AI

Heretik wanted to make legal contract review less tedious so they created an AI-fueled solution. Learn how CloudFactory helped bring their software to life.

Legal Services | Text Annotation

Disrupting the Legal Space with AI

Learn how CloudFactory helped Heretik train their AI models and disrupt the legal industry by streamlining the contract review process.

Software | Data Enrichment

Bizly Discovers the Benefits of a Managed Workforce

Bizly found the perfect workforce to help it expand its event planning platform to over 18,000 venues.

Medical | Image Annotation

Medical Image Tagging Made Easier

Medical AI company stays ahead of the curve by labeling 24,000 images in 6 months.

Insurance | Document Transcription

Helping an Insurer Compete and Grow

An insurance company expanded their business with the help of a dedicated cloud team that handles upfront data processing needs.

Autonomous Systems | Image Annotation

Partnering on Quality Training Data and Social Impact

Azavea interviewed a handful of leading data labeling firms, and studiously compared their pricing, approach, and cultural values. Learn why CloudFactory stood out.

E-Commerce | Receipt Transcription

Ibotta Saves Money for Shoppers

Ibotta finds the people and technology to scale a data-verification process during the busiest retail season of the year.

Finance | Document Transcription

Streamlining the Customer Experience

Financial services company leveraged a managed workforce to improve turnaround time from days to just minutes with 99% accuracy. 

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