Computer Software | Image Annotation


Web scraping technology company turned to CloudFactory to speed up development of a new scraping tool.

festivote World’s 1st Software Platform for Film Festival Audience Engagement
Entertainment | Data Enrichment


FestiVote turned to CloudFactory to get the data they needed to launch their groundbreaking app.

Taking the Time and Cost Out of Mapping
Computer Software | Image Annotation


Geckomatics turned to CloudFactory to help scale their cost-effective solution to more customers around the world.

Serving Scholarships to Deserving Students
Education Technology | Data Enrichment

Scholars App

Scholars App turned to CloudFactory to build and vet their scholarship database and expand their users.

True Lark Scales Chatbot Enhancements
Autonomous System | Text Annotation

True Lark

True Lark turned to CloudFactory to help them scale data tagging for development of a robust customer communication solution.

Driver Technologies Fuels Innovation for Motorists
Autonomous Systems | Image Annotation

Driver Technologies Fuels Innovation for Motorists

CloudFactory helped Driver boost dashcam app performance and create a database of annotated images for AV innovators.

Hummingbird Technologies
Agriculture | Image Annotation

Farming for the Future

Learn how CloudFactory helped Hummingbird Technologies develop crop analytics for farmers around the world.

Boosting Medical AI with Annotated COVID-19 Data
Medical | Image Annotation

Boosting Medical AI with Annotated COVID-19 Data

V7 Labs and CloudFactory created an open dataset for medical practitioners to train ML models and streamline triage.

Autonomous Systems | 3D Lidar Annotation


CloudFactory helped Luminar launch a product that dramatically increases autonomous vehicle perception.

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy
Business Intelligence | Image Annotation

Sensor-as-a-Service Company

Sensor-as-a-service start-up finally finds an annotation solution that can help them expand.

Legal Services | Text Annotation


Heretik wanted to make legal contract review less tedious so they created an AI-fueled solution. Learn how CloudFactory helped bring their software to life.

Disrupting the Legal Space with AI
Legal Services | Text Annotation

Disrupting the Legal Space with AI

Learn how CloudFactory helped Heretik train their AI models and disrupt the legal industry by streamlining the contract review process.

Bizly Discovers the Benefits of a Managed Workforce
Software | Data Enrichment


Bizly found the perfect workforce to help it expand its event planning platform to over 18,000 venues.

Medical | Image Annotation

Medical AI Company

Medical AI company stays ahead of the curve by labeling 24,000 images in 6 months.

Insurance | Document Transcription

Insurance Company

An insurance company expanded their business with the help of a dedicated cloud team that handles upfront data processing needs.

Autonomous Systems | Image Annotation

Partnering on Quality Training Data and Social Impact

Azavea interviewed a handful of leading data labeling firms, and studiously compared their pricing, approach, and cultural values. Learn why CloudFactory stood out.

Ibotta Saves Money for Shoppers
E-Commerce | Receipt Transcription


Ibotta finds the people and technology to scale a data-verification process during the busiest retail season of the year.

Financial Services Company (FSC)
Finance | Document Transcription

Financial Services Company

Financial services company leveraged a managed workforce to improve turnaround time from days to just minutes with 99% accuracy.

I have a partner that I can go to for scaling up my labeling efforts. I can churn out new models because I can get the data prepared quickly.

Srivatsan Laxman

Founder and CEO, True Lark

Our collaboration with CloudFactory was instrumental in bringing to market our new product, Hydra. This advanced version of our platform now includes a combination of hardware and software capabilities that dramatically increases our perception of on-road driving scenarios, something completely new to the industry.

Scott Ryvola

Director of Engineering, Luminar

With the help of CloudFactory, we’re being a lot more ambitious with our datasets. We have the freedom now to spend 400 hours annotating a large data set, because it isn’t taking up the time of internal resources.

Francois Lemarchand

Senior Data Scientist, Hummingbird Technologies

CloudFactory stands out among data labeling companies.

Joe Morrison

Joe Morrison

Imagery Analysis, Azavea

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