Maximize model performance quickly with AI-powered labeling.

Accelerated Annotation integrates the best-in-labeling platform and expert data annotators to deliver the data you need at scale.

  • Active learning: Boost annotation speed and accuracy with AI that prioritizes the most impactful images within a data set.
  • AI-Consensus scoring: 100% QA to help you eliminate errors, achieve quality data faster, and produce high-performing models.
  • Adaptive AI assistance: Power automated labeling with models that continuously learn and adapt to your data.
  • Critical insights: Improve performance with proactive feedback loops on where your training model struggles or where ambiguity exists.
  • Humans in the loop: Tap into our managed data labeling workforce's expertise and over a decade of Vision AI experience.

Annotation Types Supported

Optimize your AI models with high-quality 2-D image annotation and video annotation.

Image Classification

AI-assisted annotation models continuously adapt to your data, getting better at predicting labels, including image tags and label attributes. Categorize images based on their visual content with a few simple clicks.

Object Detection

AI-assisted annotation models continuously adapt to your data, getting better at predicting labels, including bounding boxes. Identify and locate objects within images or videos in record time.

Instance Segmentation

AI-assisted annotation models continuously adapt to your data, getting better at predicting labels, including masks and polygons for object classes. Delineate between each specific instance of objects within an image in no time at all.

Semantic Segmentation

AI-assisted annotation models continuously adapt to your data, getting better at predicting labels, including masks and polygons for semantic classes. Group different parts of an image into distinct segments with pixel-perfect precision.

Keypoint Annotation

Our best-in-class tooling and data annotation services support keypoint annotations for use cases, including movement tracking, facial recognition, and pose estimation. Mark specific points of interest on an object within an image–it’s fast and simple.

Video Understanding

Our best-in-class tooling and data annotation services support video annotation for use cases, including human activity recognition, action recognition, and event recognition. Analyze and interpret the content and context of a video in a flash.

Don’t see your annotation type here?

Our Vision AI Workforce Plus and Managed Workforce offerings support a range of other data and annotation types.

Why CloudFactory?

Quality, Speed, and Scalability

Quality, Speed, and Scalability

AI-assisted labeling + human expertise = the quality, speed, and scale your project needs.

AI-Powered Automation

AI-Powered Automation

Automation that continuously adapts to your data labeling and use case needs.

Critical Insights

Critical Insights

We’ll let you know when something isn't working before we label your entire dataset.

Security and Confidentiality

Security and Confidentiality

Dedicated to process excellence, data security, and compliance—ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Experience and Service

Experience and Service

Deep workforce expertise developed over 8M hours of data labeling for ML model training.

Get to Market Faster

Get to Market Faster

Our proven operational methodology brings you the best result sooner with less effort.

We needed a partner who could help us improve our labeling efficiency and keep our quality standards high. CloudFactory's Accelerated Annotation offers a compelling platform backed by a reliable workforce. We saw 75% efficiency gains and preserved quality, and having a personal, collaborative relationship with their workforce allowed them to provide us with useful feedback throughout the process, giving us exactly what we were looking for in a partner.

Julian Seidenberg

Head of Artificial Intelligence


With a trained team, you get something you simply can’t with crowdsourcing—accountability. In retrospect, this has a huge impact for us, because the biggest limiting factor on the performance of the models is actually the quality of the labels, and how precise the definitions are.

Michael Bewley

Senior Director of AI Systems


As Matterport continues on its trajectory of rapid and exciting new growth, partners like CloudFactory give us the ability to move quickly and unlock the full potential of our digital solutions through the delivery of high-quality data annotation at scale.

Sachal Dhillon

Senior Deep Learning Engineer


Nearmap | AI

Geospatial mapping company turned to CloudFactory to take over its data labeling function and scale operations.

Quality data annotation helps clients understand shopper behavior better to improve sales and operations.

AMP Robotics

Recycling tech leader turned to CloudFactory when its growth outpaced internal capacity to annotate quality data.

Vision AI Use Cases

Robotic Automation

Scale your industrial robotics project while controlling costs with high-quality data and efficient Vision AI labeling.

Aerial Inspection

We prep aerial inspection data for ML, 3-D imaging, and digital twins to help you gain actionable insights, cut cost, and improve asset life.

Autonomous Checkout

Our data labeling workforce trains and sustains AI models that power cashierless checkout and grab-and-go technology.

E-commerce AI and Retail Insights

Enable contextual and optimized product search, dynamic pricing, fraud detection, and other retail intelligence.

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Accelerated Annotation adds keypoint and video understanding to roster

For those complex and nuanced annotation types. Keypoint annotation and video understanding expand our ability to support AI leaders through tech-enabled, human-in-the-loop labeling solutions.

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