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Training machines to interpret and understand the visual world requires a high volume of accurately labeled training data. Sure, you could toss your labeling project to an unknown crowd, an inflexible outsourcer, or a faceless platform API. But your project and training data needs are unique. We can help.

From bounding boxes and object tracking to semantic segmentation and keypoint annotation, our skilled data analysts apply best practices developed from annotating millions of images and videos to deliver best-in-class data labeling for computer vision leaders around the world.

Workforce Plus

A fully managed, end-to-end data annotation service for one, inclusive price. All of the software and workforce is included, simplifying your experience so you can focus on innovation.

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Computer Vision Managed Workforce

Computer Vision Managed Workforce

If you already have a data annotation tool or prefer to bring your own, our team of data analysts is ready to work. We become an extension of your own team, seamlessly supporting your data labeling workflow with consistent, high-quality image and video data annotation. We scale the process for you.

Computer Vision Expertise

From object recognition and tracking to semantic segmentation and 3-D point cloud annotations, we bring a greater understanding of the visual world with detailed, accurately labeled images and videos to improve the performance of your computer vision models.

Bounding Box

Drawing a box around a target object in visual data. Bounding boxes can be 2-D or 3-D.

Bounding Box


Plotting characteristics in the data, such as eyes and nose in an image used for facial recognition.

Landmarking - Annotation


Using a more complex version of landmarking to annotate geometric features, straight lines, and their intersections to assemble 3-D structures within a scene.




Applying semantic or instance segmentation to conceal areas in an image and reveal other areas of interest. Image masking makes it easier to focus on certain areas of an image over other areas.



3-D Cuboid

Drawing 3-D bounding boxes to annotate and/or measure many points on an external surface of an object. These typically are generated using 3-D laser scanners, RADAR sensors, and LiDAR sensors.




Outlining the highest vertices, or points, of the target object to reveal its edges. Polygons are used when objects are irregular in shape, such as homes, areas of land, or topographical details.




Plotting lines composed of one or more segments when working with open shapes, such as road lane markers, sidewalks, or power lines.

polyline capturing dotted lines on busy city street


Object Tracking

Identifying and tracking an object’s movement across more than one frame of video.




Capturing the text that occurs in images or video so it may be labeled.



What Our Clients Have To Say

With the help of CloudFactory, we’re being a lot more ambitious with our data sets. We have the freedom now to spend 400 hours annotating a large data set, because it isn’t taking up the time of internal resources.
Francois Lemarchand
Senior Data Scientist, Hummingbird Technologies
Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances
Autonomous Systems | 3D Lidar Annotation

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

CloudFactory helped Luminar launch a product that dramatically increases autonomous vehicle perception.

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy
Business Intelligence | Image Annotation

Improving AI Model Results and Accuracy

Sensor-as-a-service start-up finally finds an annotation solution that can help them expand.

Medical Image Tagging Made Easier
Medical | Image Annotation

Medical Image Tagging Made Easier

Medical AI company stays ahead of the curve by labeling 24,000 images in 6 months.

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Computer Vision Use Cases

Retail Automation

As customer expectations evolve, companies are turning to AI and automation to make retail and ecommerce experiences more convenient and customized.

Sports Analysis

Athletes, coaches, and fans are turning to AI-powered solutions to get the most out of game day footage.

Robotic Automation

The combination of AI and robotics can improve outcomes in a variety of industries, including healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing.

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