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Scale your image and video annotation with expertly trained and professionally managed data annotators.

Expertise and quality for any computer vision use case

Let us be your trusted partner with experience in quickly scaling and equipping high-performing teams to meet your unique data labeling requirements.

  • Get to market faster. Our experienced, pre-trained workforce and best practices help you scale quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduce complexity. Let us take on the many responsibilities of managing a team to support your data annotation pipeline.
  • Consistent, high-quality data. Proprietary workforce management technology and strong feedback loops support continuous improvement.

Expertise and quality for any computer vision use case

Computer Vision Expertise

From object recognition to 3-D point clouds, we bring a greater understanding to the visual world with detailed, accurate annotations.

Bounding Box

Drawing a box around a target object in visual data. Bounding boxes can be 2-D or 3-D.

Bounding Box


Plotting characteristics in the data, such as eyes and nose in an image used for facial recognition.

Landmarking - Annotation


Using a more complex version of landmarking to annotate geometric features, straight lines, and their intersections to assemble 3-D structures within a scene.



Applying semantic or instance segmentation to conceal areas in an image and reveal other areas of interest. Image masking makes it easier to focus on certain areas of an image over other areas.


3-D Cuboid

Drawing 3-D bounding boxes to annotate and/or measure many points on an external surface of an object. These typically are generated using 3-D laser scanners, RADAR sensors, and LiDAR sensors.



Outlining the highest vertices, or points, of the target object to reveal its edges. Polygons are used when objects are irregular in shape, such as homes, areas of land, or topographical details.



Plotting lines composed of one or more segments when working with open shapes, such as road lane markers, sidewalks, or power lines.

polyline capturing dotted lines on busy city street

Object Tracking

Identifying and tracking an object’s movement across more than one frame of video.



Capturing the text that occurs in images or video so it may be labeled.


Why Choose CloudFactory?

Extend Your Team

Extend Your Team

Our vetted, managed teams have served hundreds of clients across thousands of use cases that range from simple to complex.

Accelerate and Scale

Accelerate and Scale

Bring AI solutions to market faster, gain a competitive edge, and scale for production needs and operations.

Expertise and Service

Expertise and Service

Tap into the experience and industry training of our managed workforce developed over 25M hours of data work.

Reduce Complexity

Reduce Complexity

Let us handle the burden of managing a team to support your annotation pipeline.

Innovation and Focus

Innovation and Focus

Empower your internal teams to focus on innovation by leaving the complex data preparation and annotations to us.

Insight and Action

Insight and Action

Deliver actionable insights that maximize outputs through collaboration and built-in feedback loops.

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