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Kathmandu, Nepal

This is a entry level position in Accounting and Finance. Candidate will be working in Finance department directly reporting to the Finance Manager. Below are the responsibilities for the position.



  • Receive regular Nepal vendor invoices and expense claims from various department, record it, submit for approval adhering to the internal control policy
  • Prepare and compile 2000+ cloud worker's weekly wage payment, monthly worker payout and monthly contractor payout
  • Liaise with Tax Office with regards to periodic Tax related filing (esp. TDS and VAT)
  • Provide monthly reports on regular expenses and facility expenses
  • Respond to queries on payments from Cloud Workers and liaise with bank to resolve issues related to their payments
  • Liaise with other departments to understand business needs and decisions
  • Liaise with representative from Bank for bank account management
  • Periodic Bank Reconciliation and Petty Cash Management
  • Other CF Accounting/ Finance functions as assigned

The ideal candidate would be:

  • Keen learner
  • Independent
  • Have basic spreadsheet/excel knowledge
  • Be able to work in a dynamic ever changing environment
  • Bachelors in Business Studies/Administration (preferably in Finance)

Interested candidates are requested to submit their CV with a cover letter at Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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The People Officer shall be responsible for managing approximately 100 Cloudworkers (CW), taking ownership of each individual’s success and growth with regards to CloudFactory’s three C’s - Character, Competency and Community.


Reports to: People Coordinator



40% - Cloudworker Management: helping workers grow in terms of 3Cs

  • Logistics including: 1. Checking payout, updating sheets, 2. Performance reviews, 3. Managing cloudworkers’ skills, leaves, performance, etc.
  • Communication: 1. Announcements: Policy updates, Share about opportunities, 2. Answering questions, 3. Follow Ups

30% - Culture Investment: fulfilling CF’s social mission by investing in workers

  • Worker Engagement Plan - Facilitate weekly in-person character lessons
  • Create, implement, and document monthly culture goals to improve workers’ satisfaction and engagement
  • Mentor cloudworkers and teams towards investing back in communities by helping them plan projects that address poverty.

10% - Hiring cloudworkers

  • Interview and assist with hiring cloudworkers
  • Assist with onboarding sessions for new workers
  • Work to create path of promotion for excellent workers desiring to join in-house or core team roles

10% - Managing Delivery Site

  • Managing day to day operations
  • Ensuring an overall pleasant working environment

10% - General

  • Book clubs, core team community service, FB page content, etc.
  • Liaise with other departments to understand business needs and decisions
  • Assist People Ops Management for other assignments, if required

Specific Schedule Requirement:

Schedule 1

  • Working hours between 6:45am - 6:45pm, 5 days per week
  • Weekend work: Schedule will be adjusted to ensure that a People Officer still only works 5 days per week. Time off will be allocated throughout the week.

Schedule 2

  • Overnight work: 1. Will be assigned either to work from 2:45pm - 10:45pm or 10:45pm - 6:45am, 2. Premium payout will be given due to the challenging nature of the work
  • Weekend work: Schedule will be adjusted to ensure that a People Officer still only works 5 days per week. Time off will be allocated throughout the week.


Qualified candidates are requested to submit their resume with a cover letter at Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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The Delivery Center Assistant is at the facility to ensure delivery operations are running smoothly and provide support to workers. He or she will enforce and monitor CF policies (attendance, delivery center rules), coordinate facility improvements and maintenance, and work to create an overall pleasant work environment.


Reports to: People Officer



Worker Support

  • Attendance: Check worker attendance, Monitor late arrivals, Assist with monitoring dedicated workers’ attendance
  • Help enforce strike rule
  • Answer worker queries: Answer logistical questions (parking, announcements), Direct and help get in touch with the proper POC (pod, PO, etc.)

Facility Management

  • Monitoring facility cleanliness, tea/coffee stations, general environment
  • Deliveries, coordinating facility maintenance
  • Reporting to Ops team about facility needs
  • Placing requests for any facility improvements

Basic IT support

  • Machine and equipment maintenance
  • Training on basic IT, contact IT department if any issues arise

Manage environment

  • Coordinate monthly events
  • Ensure an overall pleasant office environment: Decorations - themes or holidays, Creatively connect people. (Example: Create a system for giving notes of encouragement to colleagues)
  • Emergency management (especially nighttime supervisors): Training on basic first aid + emergency response

Specific Schedule Requirement:

  • Schedule will be in 9-hour shifts, 5 days per week
  • Evening and overnight work between 2:45pm - 6:45am. Schedule will remain consistent, and schedules are typically either: Afternoon + Evening Shift: 2:15pm - 11:15pm, Overnight Shift: 10:15pm - 7:15am
  • Weekend work: Schedule will be adjusted to ensure that a Delivery Center Assistant still only works 5 days per week. Time off will be allocated throughout the week.


Qualified candidates are requested to submit their resume with a cover letter at Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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CloudFactory exists to connect as many people to meaningful work as possible. Our mission is to connect one million people in developing nations to online work and raise them up as leaders worth following. This driving compass requires us to wow our clients everyday with the best value and service, which is made possible by our talented, trained and motivated workforce. This, we believe, brings meaning to the opportunities we create thus bring us closer to our purpose.


Talent acquisition is in the heart of this virtuous cycle. We believe that Talent is equally distributed, but opportunities aren’t. As a Talent Acquisition Manager, you’re passionate about reaching the far-stretched opportunities to the talented people in Nepal, Kenya and many developing nations. You're charged with finding the right candidates who bring a serving spirit and growth mindset in all that they do. You're responsible for guiding candidates through our hiring process and connecting them to the magic of working at CloudFactory. You are creative and interpersonal savvy to build lasting relationships with the market and the hiring team. You're also data-driven and strategic to make our hiring process smarter and more efficient. If success for you is innovating to plug great people into a great opportunity at scale, come be a part of our team!



Overall, you will be responsible for scaling CloudFactory’s global workforce, ensuring an incredible client and worker experience.

  • Build the CloudFactory brand in talent marketplace.
  • Understand the ideal worker profile and create defining skills/personality characteristics metrics to use for hiring.
  • Seek out communities to network, proactively communicate and maintain relationships with potential candidates.
  • Passion for and ability to understand diversity, culture and differences in the workforce between Nepal, Kenya and other developing nations.
  • Develop acquisition strategies through a variety of channels including the use of social media platforms, employee referral program, networking and unique opportunities/events.
  • Coordinate and drive all selection efforts and initiatives while simultaneously developing the existing team in this area.
  • Establish a robust and scalable onboarding and assessment program to ensure raw skills are tested, scored and used for right candidate placements.
  • Provide selected candidates an amazing orientation program that defines CloudFactory culture and sets them up for success while keeping expectations and performance metrics clear.
  • Build credible, trusted relationships with project managers to understand their hiring needs, challenges and business objectives.
  • Be responsible for all recruiting tools, platforms and reporting.
  • Collect and analyze all pertinent information to continuously improve the recruiting process and make better hiring decisions.


  • Education in Information Technology/ Systems and/or Management
  • 5-7 years of working experience in building solutions, talent acquisition and leadership role
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Proven track record of creating strong and reliable professional network for talent acquisition purposes
  • Varied experience in developing strategies for talent acquisition initiatives and employee branding programs
  • Strong negotiation, communication and problem-solving skills
  • Great time and project management skills
  • In-depth experience using social media for talent acquisition would be a huge plus

And you’ll need to be someone that thrives in a fast paced environment. There’s a lot to do!


Qualified candidates are requested to submit their resume with a cover letter at Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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  • Fluency in HTML5 and CSS3 along with advanced CSS like SASS, SCSS, LESS. Ability to handcraft basic web pages and forms with interactive behavior.
  • Code the behaviors of the UI/UX layer (typically through HTML5, JavaScript, CSS) for different CF services.
  • Find, learn, master, and be ready to implement third-party UI/UX libraries which can improve Cloud Factory’s product experiences.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, & IE) compatibility.
  • Basic understanding of Git, code versioning tool, as our codebase resides in GitHub and follow GitHub workflow.
  • Building UI components with React, React Redux.
  • Building Meteor web applications.
  • Familiar with test-driven development and frameworks such as Mocha, Jasmine testing etc.
  • Ability to perform advanced transformation of JSON data using JavaScript.
  • Ability to perform form validation and data manipulation using advanced regular expressions in JavaScript.
  • Keen interest in learning new technologies and performing R&D.

Skills and Experiences:

  • Pair programming
  • Follow best practices in platform improvements, and supporting systems.
  • Knowledge of advanced JavaScript (and jQuery) esp ES6 for client-side scripting. TypeScript, CoffeeScript is a plus.
  • Write reusable code both JavaScript and CSS
  • Eagerness to contribute in a team-oriented environment.
  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good communication (written and oral) and interpersonal soft skills.
  • 2 years+ experience

Qualified candidates are requested to submit their resume with a cover letter at Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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Our global IT Director must bring a wealth of experience to setting up our critical systems and policies which will allow us to scale painlessly and securely. The position will be based in Nepal with a global eye. Our IT Department handles:


  • Developing and Implementing all IT policies
  • Network infrastructure
  • Reliable and secure internet access for everyone in our facilities, while restricting access to unnecessary personal devices, illegal software downloading, or entertainment content.
  • Ownership, design, and implementation of all standards and policies relating to network and information technology
  • IT compliance for SOC and HIPAA attestations
  • Desktop support for employees and CloudFactory-owned computers
  • Patch management for all CloudFactory-owned computers
  • Security systems setup and maintenance including access control readers, CCTV systems, etc.
  • Procurement of physical machines and other hardware and the tracking of these assets
  • Infrastructure/Security/Network setup and maintenance at Delivery Hubs around Kathmandu valley and Nairobi areas
  • Internal communication tools
  • Monitoring and mitigating situations of system abuse at CloudFactory facilities


The Global IT Director must have the capability to cast a compelling vision for IT operations at CloudFactory and must bring strong leadership to our IT teams and support staff. They will:


  • Cast a long term Network infrastructure vision for the company globally, and oversee its execution.
  • Evaluate bottlenecks to scale, produce a plan for procurement, installation, and maintenance, then manage the project with the team for flawless execution.
  • Design security policies and implement goals according to budgets and company’s financial goals, then lead the team that will implement them.
  • Lead aspects of SOC and HIPAA attestations which relate to physical and network security.
  • Build a repeatable process for security and management of desktop and network security, as well as physical network and other types of technical security.
  • Understand the opportunity cost of decisions, be able to prioritize various purchases, upgrades, and initiatives according to the critical needs of the company, its costs and revenue.
  • Build and execute a plan to keep the internet uptime at 99.99% for our revenue-generating work being done, and for our full time employees.
  • Build repeatable and reliable process for rolling out secure networking for efficient delivery hubs around Kathmandu and other cities in which we operate.
  • Build repeatable, reliable workstation procurement policies and practices.
  • Create a staffing plan and budget for scaling IT team as CloudFactory grows.

Skills and Experiences:

  • 7-12 years of experience in managing complex IT systems
  • Proven track record of leading teams
  • Cross-cultural work experience
  • Experience working with global business needs
  • Expertise in network and desktop security strongly preferred
  • Experience working with Cloud Infrastructure and distributed system is a plus
  • Professional certifications equivalent to various Cisco Career Certifications are major pluses
  • Education in Engineering in Computer Science or IT

Other Details:

The global IT staff will report to the Global IT Director, and this position will report to the Associate Vice President of Business Operations. The Director will work closely with various stakeholders in Engineering, Operations, Finance, Delivery, and more.


The Global IT Director will be possibly expected to travel between CloudFactory locations periodically. At this time, the locations include Durham, USA; Nairobi, Kenya; and Kathmandu, Nepal.


Qualified candidates are requested to submit their resume with a cover letter at Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interview. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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As an Associate QA Engineer, you shall be responsible for the following tasks but not limited to:


  • Interact with product and development teams to develop a strong understanding of the project and testing objectives.
  • Participate in sprint planning and work with product owner to understand the functional requirements.
  • Collaborate with developers on analysing the story and estimate the QA effort.
  • Design and create test conditions and scripts to address business and technical use cases.
  • Conduct research on the requirements wherever necessary so as to prepare better test scenarios.
  • Use existing tools and techniques to execute test cases and build/script new tools for testing/validation.
  • Document, track and escalate issues as appropriate, using bug tracking tools.
  • Participate in troubleshooting and triaging of issues with different teams to drive towards root cause identification and resolution.
  • Think outside the box to push a system to its limit by including the edge cases in test plans.
  • Test the system thoroughly (black box and regression testing) before making it live.

Skills and Knowledge required:

  • Communication
  • Logical
  • Open minded
  • Quick learner


  • Bachelor degree

Work experience:

  • 1-2 years

To apply, please send your resume with a cover letter to Learn more about CloudFactory.

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Primary Role:

  • Design and maintain test scripts and automation test suite, which is built using WATIR, of our product.
  • Enhance existing framework to more robust framework.
  • Train and guide fellow QA engineers in automation.

Secondary Role:

  • Participate in sprint planning meeting and work with product owner to understand the functional requirements.
  • Participation in designing feature spec and requirement.
  • Estimating the requirements post analysis.
  • Design test plan and test cases.
  • Peer review test cases and test plan.
  • Think as an end user to test the product.
  • Also come up with ideas and suggestions to improve the product.
  • Manage working on multiple features based on the priority.


  • 1 - 3 years of experience in related field.
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field.
  • Strong logical skills and ability to learn new skills.

Interested candidates are requested to send in their resumes with cover letter to Learn more about CloudFactory.

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ATTENTION ENGINEERS & DATA SCIENTISTS!!! Come for an all-expense paid fellowship to spend time mentoring and learning alongside our 40 young engineers and data scientist. We fly you over and cover housing, lunches and all the trekking you can handle on weekends.


Dig in to the 500M tasks our curated crowd of 3,000 have completed and help us in our mission to connect 1 million people in developing nations to basic computer work.


Desired Skills and Experience

Any combination of the below:
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Data Science (R, machine learning, etc)
  • Devops (AWS, Docker, Ansible, etc)
  • Javascript/jQuery
  • UI/UX
  • Service Oriented Architecture

To apply, send your resume with cover letter to Learn more about CloudFactory.

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As a senior platform engineer, you will be a key member of the scrum team. Your most important goal is to drive the entire team towards successful sprint by completing and helping others complete each user story in the sprint backlog. This requires you to be technology evangelist and motivate others to use cutting-edge technology to solve hard problems in projects.


Responsibilities include developing new features, fixing bugs, optimizing codes, working with designers to turn fancy UI designs into fully functional web applications, writing and maintaining unit, functional, acceptance and performance tests, benchmarking and load testing, finding bugs and logging them in the ticketing system, becoming  an expert in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS and other related technologies, developing requirements, designing user interfaces, architects and programs to deliver on company projects, testing, debugging and deploying projects into a production environment, contributing to an efficient and effective development environment, mentor others to help them grow technically and personally.


Does this sound like you?

  • Proficiency in Ruby on Rails
  • 3 to 7 years in a similar role
  • Strong logical skills and ability to learn new skills quickly
  • Ability to work independently and lead a team of junior developers
  • Bachelor of Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related field

Salary and benefits are highly competitive.

To apply, send your resume with a cover letter answering why you are interested in joining CloudFactory. Learn more about CloudFactory.

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  • Retirement Saving Scheme.
  • Free Medical and Accidental insurance for employee and family.
  • Health Spending Account.
  • Generous vacation policy.
  • Transportation/ Internet allowance.
  • Free lunch and snacks.
  • Festival Allowance.

About the Company

CloudFactory is more than just a hot tech startup  - we are working to connect one million people in the developing world to basic computer work while raising them up as leaders to address poverty in their own communities.

Companies today are looking for a better way to handle the volumes of data-intensive work that has become  critical to their daily operations. This data can take the form of  Scanned Images, Audio/Video, Paper, Photos or Web Content.  Technology alone can only do so much and people alone can't typically scale. CloudFactory provides the perfect blend of human-machine integration to get large-scale data processed more efficiently and  at a lower cost than traditional methods.  The CloudFactory technology platform breaks-up large chunks of data into smaller computer tasks that are routed in-parallel and completed in record time by our distributed, global workforce.

Providing our clients from around the world with accurate and timely results requires software engineers, data scientists, business optimization experts and a host of other brilliant people to come together at our offices in Durham, Nairobi, Kathmandu and Hong Kong. If you are passionate about changing the world with technology as much as we are, come join us in our effort to transform the way work gets done.

Build your career with us. Come work hard and play hard.