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Detailed Landmarking

Detailed Landmarking

We provide detailed landmarking and annotation to build more accurate understanding systems & ground truth datasets.

Advanced Object Recognition

Advanced Object Recognition

Object recognition is essential for killer AR & VR technology. We take your business rules and provide accurate annotation for object recognition.

Satellite Images and Aerial Photography Annotation

Satellite Images & Aerial Photography Annotation

We’ll identify relevant data, add spatial and attribute data, then modify according to your specific business rules.

Labeled Bounding Boxes

Labeled Bounding Boxes

We take tight business rules and provide accurate bounding boxes for object recognition.

Semantic Understanding

Semantic Understanding

We help take image understanding from low-level image features to high level semantics by identifying objects and events.

3D Point Cloud Annotation

3D Point cloud annotation

For those using lidar and radar, we provide 3D point cloud annotations for building better understanding systems.

How It Works

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Your WorkStream Includes

Enhanced Access Control

Our Chromium-based custom WorkStream Browser provides a unified workspace for your Cloud Team.

  • Controlled Access
  • Unified Team Presence
  • Extensible Framework

Alignment Through Visibility

WorkStream Pulse uses our browser to track critical data points that feeds machine learning algorithms in order to predict productivity and quality.

  • Activity & Engagement Monitoring
  • Predictive Quality & Performance
  • Real-Time Visibility

Productivity Fueled by Collaboration

Effective collaboration fosters productive teams and great results. We make it super easy and efficient to communicate with your Cloud Team through dedicated messaging channels and collaboration tools.

  • Intuitive Collaboration
  • Real-Time Dashboard & Activity Feed
  • Schedule & Time Logging

Efficiency at Scale

Our best-in-class microtasking platform is perfect for high-volume, repetitive workflows that need to scale.

  • Smart Automation
  • Seamless Integration
  • Work Atomization & Custom Workflows

Trusted Security & Compliance

WorkStream Shield provides a powerful set of tools for customers who need an extra level of control in order to meet their regulatory compliance requirements.

  • Platform Encryption
  • Access Control Management
  • Vulnerability Scanning

The precision of the data is a testament to the work that the entire CloudFactory team has been doing to help us make autonomous trucks a reality. Well done!


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