Autonomous Checkout

To power cashierless checkout and grab-and-go technologies, CloudFactory delivers precisely labeled, high-quality AI model training data.


Accurate AI models for autonomous, cashierless checkout technology can reduce your losses and improve the customer experience. To train your frictionless checkout models, CloudFactory’s computer vision labeling experts act as an extension of your team, quickly and accurately labeling your CV image and video data.

An advertisement inside a retail location. It says, “No lines. No checkout. No seriously. Just walk out.

What We Offer

  • Teams with expertise in labeling 2-D and 3-D images and video data.
  • Skill at using all major image annotation tools—and the ability to quickly learn your in-house tools.
  • Experience with retail automation and cashierless checkout applications.
A person viewing a laptop screen; on the screen is a hand grabbing a quart of Tropicana orange juice from the store shelf.

AI-powered checkout for bricks-and-mortar businesses

Keypoint annotations

This artificial intelligence company is revolutionizing shopping by offering autonomous checkout to retailers with physical locations.

To train our client’s AI-powered checkout product, CloudFactory data analysts perform keypoint annotations of human movement through retail grocery stores. We also support research and development experimentation for subjective keypoints.

  • 4x growth in labeling volume
  • 50,000 labels processed per day
  • Targets for quality and throughput—exceeded
A retail security camera captures video of human movement in the store. That data, once accurately labeled, will train AI-powered retail checkout products.

Everyone I’ve worked with is outstanding. We have an incredible CSM—super thoughtful, attentive, respectful, and always drives toward a solution. The team in Nepal are incredible—really smart and capable of executing our very complex workstream, which says a lot.

Alexis Selleck

Senior Quality Training Manager

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How CloudFactory Works For You

Ready to Scale

Ready to Scale

With more than 7,000 active data analysts and thousands more on standby, we’re ready to scale with seasonality and as your business grows.

Expert Annotators

Expert Annotators

With an average tenure of two years, our analysts partake annually in upwards of 30,000 hours of professional development and training.

Retail Industry Experience

Retail Industry Experience

We’ve worked with 80+ retail clients on data processing and computer vision data labeling to accelerate automation and AI programs.

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