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Workforce Services

Scalable, managed workforce for high-volume annotation, data processing, and back-office tasks.

Experienced data analysts

Specialized training for your use case(s)

Assigned client success support

Flexible pricing and volume discounts

Tooling options: bring-your-own or tooling included

Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Data Processing

Data Processing

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CloudFactory provide a tool in addition to labeling services?

You can purchase Managed Workforce and use your own tooling or Accelerated Annotation or Workforce Plus, which include tooling, annotation services, project management, and more.

Is there a free trial?

No, but there is a free analysis. This means before purchase is made, we’ll review your task instructions, trial tasks, and provide feedback on improving your annotation or processing strategy. 

What data types does CloudFactory support?

CloudFactory supports all data types for computer vision, natural language processing, and data processing.

How does CloudFactory protect my data?

Read more about how CloudFactory protects your data on our Security page.

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