Finally, a pricing model and contract terms that work for you, not against you

Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, our cost-effective data annotation and back-office services can help with most data use cases.

  • Priced by the hour: With hourly pricing, there’s nothing (and nowhere) to hide. You have full visibility into the efficiency and velocity of our work for you. Plus, as our managed workforce becomes more familiar with your tasks, they’ll be more productive, which means you’ll benefit because they’ll get more done in less time.
  • Scale up and down: Thanks to our approach to training and staffing, we can quickly scale your workforce up as your business needs change. Perfect for seasonal or variable workloads, or when you want to start small before going big.
  • Designed for value: We strive to continually prove our value to your business so you can’t imagine work without us. And not that you’ll want to take advantage of it, but we have a risk-free cancellation option within your first 30 days of service so you can feel confident our partnership is the right fit.

Which service is right for you?

CloudFactory offers a great price in several ways. They lower our overhead costs and offer on-demand pricing. CloudFactory also saves us a lot in development costs because now we don’t have to build tools to improve the capture process.

Director of Operations

Financial Services Company

CloudFactory’s pricing was competitive - not the cheapest but not the most expensive. We knew from the outset that we weren’t trying to find the absolute cheapest option, but rather the highest quality option we could afford to sustain. We liked the visibility we had into how pricing would scale as our commitment grew over time.

Joe Morrison

Joe Morrison

Imagery Analysis, Azavea

It’s easy to discount how hard it is to find people that are good, affordable, consistent and reliable. It’s hard to hire for. CloudFactory has it figured out. Not only is it way less expensive than if we did it ourselves, it just takes so much pain off our plate.

Chief Technology Officer

Sensor-as-a-Service company

Why hourly pricing?

Many data annotation and processing companies use piece-rate pricing based on individual tasks, such as the number of images to be annotated or pieces of data processed. We find that to be a strange way to price data projects because it often works against you. We think you ought to benefit as the people on your data team become more efficient in the work they do for you, acquire domain knowledge, and get your work done more quickly.

Hourly pricing is a controlled variable you can trust, especially as the inevitable edge cases and task adjustments come up and as our analysts work on new and different projects over time.

Hourly is transparent

On our platform, you’ll see how many hours we delivered and how many tasks we completed in a given period. Combine that with your hourly rate, and the effective cost per task becomes clear. The hourly model also avoids information asymmetry, which happens when one party has more or better information than the other, potentially leading to an unfair deal when pricing is piece-rate.



Hourly is frictionless

With work metered and billed by the hour, supported by clear throughput and quality KPI tracking along the way, we’ll focus our partnership energy on execution, optimization, and value rather than regular renegotiation of price and scope as your work evolves.



Hourly is cost-effective

As we collaborate and incorporate additional technology and process efficiencies into the work, you may actually see your effective cost per task progressively decrease—savings you can’t access with a locked piece-rate.



Which service is right for you?

CloudFactory offers both fully managed solutions and managed-workforce-only services for processing data for computer vision, NLP, and general data processing use cases and back-office tasks. 

  Data Annotation Solution Managed Workforce
Standard features included with services
  • Fully managed workforce, vetted and trained for your use case
  • Dedicated project managers and Client Success support
  • Capacity control management (hourly, daily, or weekly based on project)
  • SOC 2 certified
  • Workforce security: screening, NDA, activity monitoring
  • Monthly subscription pricing 
Available upgrades for all services
  • Advanced network security
  • AES256 encryption
  • Premium workstations
Annotation tool Yes No
Bring-your-own-tool (BYOT) option
Commercial, open source, or proprietary
No Yes
Responsibility for tool setup, maintenance, and uptime CloudFactory Client
Guarantees a workforce with prior experience on toolset used Yes No1

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1Our managed workforce has worked with nearly every open source and commercially available data annotation toolset, as well as client-developed proprietary tools. We’ve even processed very large volumes of data via spreadsheets. In many cases we are able to staff your team with data analysts who have previous experience on your tool of choice. In other cases, we will use our proven approach to train and scale your team quickly.

There are several factors that go into our hourly rates, such as the number of hours contracted per month, the task type, type of tool used (managed workforce services only), and optional add-ons. Contact us to request a quote for your project.

Ready to get started? We are.

We’d love the opportunity to answer your questions or learn more about your project. Let us know how we can help.

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