Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle market continues to grow and AI companies in the space are finding ways to make this method of transportation even safer and more reliable.

There is no room for error when it comes to the machine learning models that drive autonomous vehicles (AV). AV applications have expanded to touch and disrupt every part of the transportation industry, from personal vehicles to long-haul trucking. Image annotation is a critical step in preparing the massive amount of complex training data that is needed to train AV algorithms.

Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

Luminar Technologies specializes in LiDAR perception and is an emerging leader in the AV space. They set an ambitious goal of developing the most advanced long-range perception solution on the market. Luminar Technologies partnered with CloudFactory to train their model for increased reaction time and improved safety for the autonomous vehicle system as a whole.

  • LiDAR video annotation, including lane tracking, object tracking and segmentation using Luminar’s proprietary tool.
  • Luminar Technologies was able to develop a LiDAR sensor with a range of 250m, significantly advancing the level of safety requirements possible in the autonomous vehicle space.

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Luminar Takes AV to Safer Distances

Our collaboration with CloudFactory was instrumental in bringing to market our new product, Hydra. This advanced version of our platform now includes a combination of hardware and software capabilities that dramatically increases our perception of on-road driving scenarios, something completely new to the industry.

Scott Ryvola
Director of Engineering, Luminar Technologies

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