Digitize core insurance processes

Our agile workforce provides the data processing manpower InsurTechs need to build a fully digital customer experience.

Better customer service

Better customer service

Faster claims resolution

Faster Underwriting Triage

Smarter risk assessment

Smarter risk assessment

Lower costs

Lower costs


of insurers believe they must innovate fast to remain competitive.


believe they are at risk for disruption.

Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2017 and PWC's Global Fintech Survey

Life is increasingly digital, and customers expect their insurance experience to be digital as well. Insurers are striving to digitally transform their operations and improve the customer experience - or risk being disrupted by competitors.

CloudFactory is a trusted partner to tech-forward insurance companies who process high volumes of data. We provide a trained and managed workforce to help insurers become more agile, innovate fast, and outscale the competition.

Digitize my processes

Driving Insurtech Innovation

Power your digital transformation with our managed and scalable workforce.

Image Annotation of buildings

Image Annotation

We can tag images and frame-by-frame video with 99% accuracy to speed damage assessments.

Document Transcription of a bill

Document Transcription

Our workforce can transcribe receipts with speed and accuracy to fast-track your claims process.

Audio Transcription

Audio Transcription

We extract valuable insights from your support calls to improve claim and payment processes.

Data Enrichment

Data Enrichment

We gather, clean, and moderate data to create process efficiencies that can transform operations.

Trusted by 500+ companies

We process millions of tasks a day.


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