A leader in crop science innovation and technology relies on Accelerated Annotation for precise and accurate data labeling for ML models, empowering farmers to select and apply seed, fertilizer, and planting times to maximize crop yields.

Services Used

Services Used

  • CloudFactory Accelerated Annotation


AgTech / Agriculture

Company Size

Company Size



faster project speed / faster ML workflow


reduction in QA costs (on client side)


QA on all labeled data

Meet Our Client

A global leader in crop science innovation and technology dedicates their research to empowering farmers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about their crops, ensuring a more sustainable and profitable future for farmers worldwide.

The company has been developing a new computer vision service to help farmers make better choices regarding the selection and application of farming products. To do so, they needed to quickly analyze various crop types to prove their concept for broader adoption.

Their Challenge

This company faced a few key challenges while developing the computer vision service that needed to be addressed:

  • Providing analysis on many different crop types to prove their new application concept for broader adoption.
  • Adjusting for the complexity of seasonality that would stagger projects across the year.
  • Requiring Ph.D. levels of understanding for AgTech subject matter.

To support its ambitious AI and ML service, this company wanted to partner with a reputable AI data platform company with leading data labeling capabilities.

The requirement? The partner needed to quickly launch new projects, automate tasks even with small datasets, and seamlessly scale up or switch between use cases.

They chose CloudFactory's Accelerated Annotation for its iterative, AI-driven workflows that drive quality, accuracy, and speed.

CloudFactory has helped us improve our ML workflow by 40%, which is fantastic. It reduced our overall investment by 90% to get high-quality annotations for the model.

AI/ML Engineering Leader

Large AgTech company


Our Solution

Accelerated Annotation was the perfect solution, allowing the client to overcome their challenges and achieve success. They received quick turnaround times and were able to:

  • Automate tasks even with small datasets, then seamlessly scale up for larger projects or switch to new use cases as needed.
  • Quickly start new data labeling projects for different crops.
  • Return to focus on innovation and not worry about data management.
  • Leverage a skilled workforce and advanced ML algorithms for high-quality data labeling.
  • Get the data needed to develop and deploy AI models quickly.

Accelerated Annotation, equipped with advanced ML algorithms and rigorous quality control, tackled the client's intricate data labeling needs for their computer vision project. Every data point was meticulously annotated, unlocking valuable insights from vast visual and sensor datasets.

The Results

Thanks to its partnership with CloudFactory, the client is expanding its services—and delivering data and ML models faster than ever!

CloudFactory's work sped up this company's time-to-market with:

  • 40% faster ML workflows (higher throughput)
  • 70% reduction in QA costs realized
  • 100% QA on all labeled data

With Accelerated Annotation’s AI-assisted labeling automation capability, CloudFactory delivered the first high-quality training dataset in less than two months for their first model, and the client has already engaged us for additional projects.

“The results have exceeded our expectations. CloudFactory’s expert workforce coupled with its state-of-the-art AI data platform enabled faster and higher quality datasets than ever before.”
—AI/ML Engineer at this company 

Get ready for this AgTech leader to transform the industry as they help farmers make smarter decisions and tackle tough problems using AI and machine learning. This could mean a future with more crops and a happier planet!

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