Ocuvera relies on CloudFactory to annotate video images of patient activity for an AI model that alerts nurses to possible unassisted bed exits—technology that saves time for hospital staff, saves lives of patients, and saves money for medical centers.

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Meet Our Client

Ocuvera saves money for medical centers, saves lives of patients, and saves time for the nurses. The company is led by CEO Steve Kiene, who is a serial entrepreneur dedicated to improving lives through advances in software and technology.

The whole Ocuvera team is united by their passion for making lives better, especially in their most vulnerable moments - and so Ocuvera was born.

Ocuvera AI is now powered by the largest library of proprietary hospital patient videos. This allows them to predict when a patient will exit the bed and alert nurses before it happens. Their product prevents falls, reduces injuries, and saves lives. Ocuvera is deeply invested in using ethical AI to improve the lives of patients and the nurses who care for them.

Their Challenge

Globally, falls are a major public health problem. An estimated 684,000 fatal falls occur each year, making it the second leading cause of unintentional injury death, after road traffic injuries. Though not always fatal, approximately 37.3 million falls severe enough to require medical attention occur each year.

Steve Kiene, Chief Executive Officer, says, “Falls can really accelerate a decline for many people.” The financial costs from fall-related injuries are substantial. It is estimated that between 700,000 and 1,000,000 people fall in U.S. hospitals each year. From 30 percent to 35 percent of those patients sustain an injury as a result of the fall, and approximately 11,000 falls are fatal. Some injuries related to falls can result in an additional 6.3 hospital days with the cost for a serious fall with injury averaging $17,570 per patient.

Ocuvera understood the problem in its truest sense, and set out on their mission to reduce falls through AI and Innovative technology. To achieve their mission, Ocuvera needed the right partner to deliver high-quality training data from millions of hours of video for an accurate and effective AI model. Finding the right partner was critical for their success and, after weighing up reputations of potential partners available, CloudFactory’s scalable managed workforce was the clear front runner.

Lucas Sabalka, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, says, “CloudFactory has a reputation as an industry leader and we value that because you don’t achieve that status without an incredible level of integrity as well as ease of engagement.”

CloudFactory has a reputation as an industry leader and we value that because you don’t achieve that status without an incredible level of integrity as well as ease of engagement.

Lucas Sabalka

Lucas Sabalka

Chief Data and Analytics Officer


Our Solution

The CloudFactory team labels patient activity on images taken from depth-based videos gathered from acute-care hospitals. The task of the CloudFactory data analysts was specifically to mark behaviors such as bed and chair exits that could potentially lead to falls. The substantial annotation exercise results in training data for the predictive model that monitors patient activity to provide an alert on a mobile device, helping medical staff to cut the number of falls.

Kiene, says, “Statistically speaking, our (Ocuvera) software saves lives and we simply couldn’t do it without CloudFactory.”

The Results

Ocuvera is deeply invested in using ethical AI to improve the lives of patients and the nurses who care for them. By partnering with CloudFactory to label specific patient movements in 72,000 video images, the Ocuvera AI solution has protected the lives of 30,000 patients. Medical centers have reduced unassisted bed exits by 89%, reducing targeting falls by up to 53%.

The Ocuvera system has evolved so substantially through this partnership that nurses know when a patient is attempting to get out of bed. This is a huge development in healthcare AI. Nurses using the Ocuvera system had these comments:

"Ocuvera is the biggest game changer that I’ve seen for fall reduction because it’s effective and I don’t have to worry about staffing."

“Ocuvera has virtually eliminated our unassisted falls from the bed.”

“When my mom is in the hospital, I make sure she is on Ocuvera.”

This is only the beginning. Ocuvera has collected 250,000 hours of video from a library ten times larger. CloudFactory is immensely proud of its role in supporting Ocuvera’s journey from medical innovation to patient care, improving the wellbeing of so many patients, nurses and family members for years to come.

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