What We Offer

  • Teams with expertise in labeling the image, video, sensor, and LiDAR data you need to fly delivery drones BVLOS.
  • Experience with all major 2-D and 3-D tools and with client-developed tools.
  • Support for automated navigation, real-time data processing, and post-processing data experience.

Drone technology that powers warehouse drones

Applying bounding boxes around barcodes

This autonomous inventory management company relies on CloudFactory's data analysts to annotate images captured by drones operating within unique warehouses. Analysts apply bounding boxes around barcodes on boxes to train the company’s machine learning algorithm, which enables drones to pick the correct products without pilot intervention.

  • 500K+ bounding boxes per month.
  • Support for more than a dozen warehouses, each with unique requirements.

CloudFactory has played an integral role in advancing VIDAS, Compound Eye’s perception technology. We would not have made such critical progress without our partnership.

Tarani Duncan

Tarani Duncan

Director of Product Management and Head of Marketing


How CloudFactory Works For You

Consistent Quality

Consistent Quality

Clients trust CloudFactory to deliver high-quality data. We have 10+ years of experience and a client NPS consistently in the 60–70+ range.

Productivity at Scale

Productivity at Scale

As you expand drone delivery, count on our proven processes to give you the steady stream of prepped data you need to scale operations.

Unwavering Security

Unwavering Security

We designed our data security and business continuity policies to foster a long-lasting relationship built on trust and transparency.

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