Legal Automation

Legal professionals are turning to technology and automation to help them make better, faster decisions for their clients.

New technology is helping legal professionals sift through briefs, discovery documents, depositions, and contracts they encounter each and every day. Legal document automation and natural language processing (NLP) applications can help lawyers find the most important information efficiently and effectively so they can make key decisions quickly and accurately. Carefully labeled data is necessary to draw out the intent of legal language and that’s where CloudFactory’s managed workforce can help.

Saving Time on Legal Contract Analysis

Heretik is a lightweight contract review application that pairs machine learning technology with workflow capabilities and integrates with existing contract management tools to reduce the time it takes to extract key information from a contract by two-thirds.

  • Text annotation of legal contracts using client’s tool. Identifying contract structure, key entities, clauses, and other components of legal documents.
  • Cut initial annotation time by 50% for training data.

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We’ve been able to significantly accelerate our data science research. That’s sped up product development, especially early on where we cut out half the time it took to do some initial training of the data.

Andy Abbott
Co-Founder & CTO, Heretik

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Expand Your Team

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