Manufacturing and Logistics

Manufacturing technology is providing organizations around the world better insights and more control over logistics.

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers clear benefits for manufacturing and logistics. Manufacturers use computer vision to monitor product quality, production consistency, and more, allowing them to shift people to higher-value work. To make this possible, AI organizations need a lot of labeled data, and that’s where CloudFactory comes in.

Applying AI Solutions to Manufacturing and Logistics

This company helps manufacturers understand product quality with real-time data and optimize logistics with predictive AI insights.

  • CloudFactory’s managed teams of data analysts annotate images of containers to determine the presence, type, and volume of liquid present so the client can ensure product consistency.
  • The company had worked with a variety of firms who were unable to deliver the level of data annotation quality, throughput, and management they required. Then, they found CloudFactory.

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CloudFactory has been great to work with. They are very responsive and attentive to our business needs and have helped our company grow. Our data is of utmost importance to our business, and they take care in their work product and have made it easier on our data processing.

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How CloudFactory Works For You

Expand Your Team

Expand Your Team

Our managed teams have served hundreds of clients across use cases that range from simple to complex.

Quality at Scale

Quality at Scale

Our proven processes deliver quality data quickly and are designed to scale and change along with your needs.

Subscription-Based Terms

Use Any Tool

Flexible contract terms and pricing help you to get started quickly and to scale up and down as needed with no lock-in.

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