Medical Devices

CloudFactory data analysts precisely annotate medical imaging data to give you reliable object recognition for safe medical devices.


Do you struggle with data quality for your robot-assisted surgery or human-activity detection model? Our experienced managed workforce can precisely annotate your vast collection of medical imaging—both images and videos—so your technical staff can focus on building a safe, accurate medical device.

An engineer and scientist work in a robotics development laboratory on a bionics exoskeleton prototype, which can be made safer with quality annotated data to train medical device models.

What We Offer

  • Data analyst teams with expertise in the precise annotation of human tissue, surgical environments, joint positioning, and activity monitoring.
  • A fully managed workforce experienced in using client-developed and all major 2-D and 3-D tools.
  • HIPAA Compliant Associate validation to protect sensitive personal and health information in training datasets.
A data analyst precisely annotates a medical image for a healthcare AI company to support building medical device AI training models.

High-quality labeling enables a life-saving reduction in patient falls

Accurate annotation of 72,000 video images

Ocuvera’s AI product monitors patient movement and alerts nurses when it predicts that patients may fall. To bring the product to life, CloudFactory is annotating Ocuvera’s library of hospital patient videos—the largest such library in the world. Our data analysts accurately mark bed and chair exit behaviors to train Ocuvera’s model, which helps acute care staff reduce injuries and save lives.

  • 72,000 video images annotated
  • 30,000+ patients protected
  • 89% reduction in unassisted bed exits
  • Up to 53% reduction in targeted falls at medical centers
A nurse helps a patient get out of bed safely, a behavior that can be aided by AI products like Ocuvera, which monitors patient movements and prevents falls.

CloudFactory has a reputation as an industry leader and we value that because you don’t achieve that status without an incredible level of integrity as well as ease of engagement.

Lucas Sabalka, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Ocuvera

Lucas Sabalka

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Ocuvera

A nurse with Ocuvera’s portable fall prevention device.

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How CloudFactory Works For You

Increase AI Accuracy

Increase AI Accuracy

CloudFactory data analysts quickly learn to perform complex medical imaging annotations to meet your quality specs.

Reduce Delivery Times

Reduce Delivery Times

We screen, hire, train, and manage data analysts to maintain performance and scalability as your data volumes change.

Meet Security Requirements

Meet Security Requirements

CloudFactory has safeguards in place to comply with HIPAA security requirements and protect sensitive personal and health information.

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CloudFactory earns HIPAA Compliant Business Associate validation

As a HIPAA-Compliant Business Associate, CloudFactory is committed to protecting sensitive personal and health data.

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