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Artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare. If you’re a practitioner tapping large computer vision datasets or training machine learning models to identify, diagnose, and treat diseases in areas such as pathology, cardiology, radiology, pulmonology, gastroenterology, mammography, and life sciences, we can help.

Just as the skilled, sharp eyes of medical experts can zero in on health issues, AI-powered computer vision models can be trained to efficiently deliver reliable diagnoses—while also spotting trends in real-time and at scale. The result? Healthcare professionals get real-time insights at lower costs. And the patients they care for see better outcomes.

CloudFactory will work closely with you to understand your complex medical AI use cases and develop training materials that help our data analysts execute on highly technical image and video data labeling, annotation, and quality assurance tasks. Computer vision has never been clearer.

AI-enabled Cell Identification Spurs Insights and Medical DevelopmentSegmentation and annotation of complex cell imagery

Sartorius partners with CloudFactory to spur faster, safer, and more effective bio-pharmaceutical and medication development. We provide the workforce that performs instance segmentation at the single-cell level, and the tool that delivers high-quality data for high-resolution microscopy images and videos.

  • Annotated 1.6 million cells
  • Saved the internal team years annotating the world’s largest cell imaging dataset
  • Exceeded task completion and quality goals
  • 2+ year partnership with CloudFactory

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Our images are complex and difficult to annotate. The frequent feedback conversations and short iteration cycles are useful in getting the annotation we want.

Rickard Sjögren
Sartorius, Senior Scientist

Annotation of Large Database of Radiographs for Predictive Treatment Advice Medical tagging made easier to fuel evidence-based care

Our client, a medical AI company, needed to quickly and accurately label thousands of large, complex images to expand its product offering—an image database to help users better assess disorders and provide evidence-based care. They knew that managing in-house staff to do the work would be time-consuming and expensive. And the thought of outsourcing such complex tasks seemed daunting. In stepped CloudFactory. Using the client’s tool, our data analysts annotated radiographs to identify joint issues and provide predictive treatment advice. Within months of working together, our client completed 12 additional imagery databases to further improve its product—and they're sold on our managed workforce process.

  • 24,000+ images tagged in the initial six months
  • Two-week ramp to match the quality of an internal team
  • 2+ year partnership with CloudFactory

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The space that I’m in is going through an evolution. If you don’t have AI capabilities, you’ll be left behind. But I can’t focus on the product if I’m swamped doing people management for image annotation. CloudFactory takes that burden off of us.

Medical AI Company Founder

Aiding in COVID-19 Research

V7 Labs wanted to apply their machine learning expertise to lung images to help researchers study COVID-19 and, eventually, help clinicians spot and triage more serious cases earlier. They partnered with CloudFactory to create an open source dataset that could be used to help researchers understand both COVID-19 and other lung conditions going forward.

  • CloudFactory used a combination of V7 Darwin’s auto-labeling tool and human-refined segmentation annotations to create a lung dataset that helps eliminate age bias in pulmonary research and ML training
  • Over 6,000 chest x-rays were annotated to create a dataset that’s now freely available on GitHub and V7 Labs’ website.
  • The models have successfully identified COVID-19 and other lung ailments during preliminary tests but their efficacy will need to be confirmed through official clinical tests.

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CloudFactory is interested in maintaining a relationship. You are interested in more than just taking the job and doing it. There is a larger interest in the whole project and it creates this feeling that you are an extended part of our team. That’s more attractive than an outsourcing company that is more transactional.

Alberto Rizzoli
Co-Founder of V7 Labs

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