What We Offer

  • Teams with expertise in the complex segmentation and annotation of microscopic cell images and tissue samples.
  • A fully managed workforce with experience working in client-developed and all major 2-D and 3-D tools.
  • HIPAA Compliant Associate validation to protect sensitive personal and health information in training datasets.

Accurate image annotation speeds medical research breakthroughs

Rapid, complex labeling of over 1 million cells

The biopharmaceutical equipment supplier Sartorius partnered with CloudFactory to annotate a large, diverse cell dataset for its neural network analysis solution. Our trained data analysts applied precision labeling techniques to complex microscopy images and bounding boxes for tracking cell movement.

  • 5,000 images
  • 1.6 million individually annotated cells
  • Project completed in six months instead of several years

Read the Sartorius story.


This [5,000 image] dataset was manually annotated with the help of CloudFactory. It’s about 20 times larger than the second-largest dataset in this domain. The project took CloudFactory six months. Using in-house resources, it would have taken us several years to finalize.

Rickard Sjögren

Rickard Sjögren

Data Acquisition Manager


How CloudFactory Works For You

Boost Data Quality

Boost Data Quality

CloudFactory data analysts quickly learn to perform complex segmentation and annotation of microscopy images to meet your quality standards.

Leverage Our Expertise

Leverage Our Expertise

We train our data analysts to understand your market. And we directly manage them to ensure speedy delivery and quality training datasets.

Maintain Data Security

Maintain Data Security

CloudFactory has safeguards in place to comply with HIPAA security requirements and protect sensitive personal and health information.

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CloudFactory earns HIPAA compliant business associate validation

As a HIPAA-compliant business associate, CloudFactory is committed to protecting sensitive personal and health data.

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