Lean Methodology

For high volume, repetitive data work on CloudFactory’s platform

Our Lean methodology leverages the full power of CloudFactory. We’ll provide a custom solution that fully utilizes our on-demand, API-Driven workforce amplified by our microtasking platform.

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Pay for results

You only pay for results based on your unique business rules.

24x7 production

Our semi-distributed workforce is available 24/7 for fast turnaround and accuracy at scale.

Expert Consulting

Our seriously smart consulting team will work with you to design a custom workflow.

API-Driven Platform

Our workforce virtualization platform scales work efficiently and our API effortlessly integrates data back to your platform or tools.

Built for Scale

Scaling smart is all about reducing risk by investing in what you need when you need it, that’s how our system works.

service level agreements

Unlike the anonymous, unaccountable crowd, we provide our customers with dedicated support and SLAs.

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