AI Powered Checkout for Brick and Mortar Businesses

This artificial intelligence company is revolutionizing shopping with autonomous checkout for brick and mortar businesses. The CloudFactory team performs key point annotations to track human movement in retail and grocery stores.

  • Improved performance of AI-Powered checkout products in tracking individuals through a store and predicting which items they would pick up.
  • Assisted with research and development projects, experimenting with subjective keypoint annotations where 95%+ accuracy was required.

We have been through a full production cycle of data sent through CloudFactory. We’ve fed that back into our model, trained it, deployed it and seen much, much better results and model accuracy.

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How CloudFactory Works For You

Expand Your Team

Expand Your Team

Our managed teams have served hundreds of clients across use cases that range from simple to complex.

Quality at Scale

Quality at Scale

Our proven processes deliver quality data quickly and are designed to scale and change along with your needs.

Use Any Tool

Use Any Tool

Flexible contract terms and pricing help you to get started quickly and to scale up and down as needed with no lock-in.

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