Improving Patient Outcomes with AI-Trained Surgery Robot

This robotics company is focused on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs to healthcare systems through the integration of advanced computer vision. Their robotics are designed to provide advanced imaging and boost diagnostic accuracy during surgery. CloudFactory supports their goals by labeling surgical images gathered by a surgery robot to train it further.

  • Tagging images for key objects such as tissue, instruments, needles, and thread at the pixel-level using Dataloop’s image annotation tool.
  • Maintaining client standards of 97%+ accuracy across a variety of complex use cases to train the robot for use in surgery.
Improving Patient Outcomes with AI-Trained Surgery Robot

We have been through a full production cycle of data sent through CloudFactory. We’ve fed that back into our model, trained it, deployed it and seen much, much better results and model accuracy.

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Expand Your Team

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Quality at Scale

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