True Lark Finds Scale in Data Tagging

True Lark offers an AI-driven solution that can be trained to answer questions and make appointments 24/7. The solution is a virtual business assistant known as Sasha. The company has a goal of expanding the kinds of questions chatbots can answer and tasks they can manage before needing to kick the inquiry to a live person.

  • Review and tag conversations for noun recognition and time identification.
  • Determine if a certain word is an intended appointment time, an intended staff member, or specific service type. Then determine if a client is proposing, accepting or rejecting a time, or making a conditional request.

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It’s hard for a company at our scale and stage to put resources into a task like this. Especially because there is churn in that workforce. People leave because it is repetitive and hard to keep them motivated, And so it is much easier with CloudFactory.

Srivatsan Laxman

CEO, True Lark


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