Drone AI and Autonomy

Drone companies around the world are using autonomy and, more recently, computer vision to significantly enhance the capabilities and applications of drones.

The industries that have the potential to benefit from drone and UAV autonomy range from energy, infrastructure, agriculture, eCommerce, construction, and more. Though autonomy is currently achieved through tools such as predetermined flight paths and geofencing, artificial intelligence (AI) is emerging as a way to push drones to the next phase of development. Early adopters are using computer vision to strengthen their software to get it in line with their best-in-class hardware. Applications of computer vision include obstacle avoidance, collision avoidance, precision landing, object drop, and inspection.

What We Offer

  • Data annotation, labeling, and quality assurance for 2D, 3D, and video
  • Dedicated and highly trained teams
  • Experience using all major 2D and 3D tools
  • Dozens of client projects in geospatial, time-based mapping, LiDAR, and more

For us to continue growing our business, we needed a workforce provider whose team understood the technology, training and context we needed to provide to data labelers. CloudFactory has brought that expertise.

Mary Cudmore
Senior Director of Global Survey Operations

VTOL and Passenger Aerial Vehicles/Air Taxis

Just as computer vision has enabled autonomous vehicles on the ground, it can also be applied to VTOL/eVTOL aerial vehicles to enable autonomy, assist pilots, enhance safety, and expand usability. Companies developing passenger vehicles and air taxis and other methods of urban air mobility are applying AI techniques to bring reliable and safe products and services to market. CloudFactory’s extensive experience in autonomous vehicle and geospatial labeling make us the ideal partner for such projects.

VTOL and Passenger Aerial Vehicles/Air Taxis

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Expand Your Team

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