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Document Processing Automation

  • Human-in-the-loop document transcription, moderation, and processing at scale to support financial, accounting, insurance, and other software platforms.
  • Scalability to process 3 million+ monthly invoices per client with dedicated teams.
  • Proven processing-capacity increase of 100+% for real-time invoice transcription.
  • An agile, distributed, global workforce ready for 24x7 document processing.
  • Optional real-time review and response services for time-sensitive documents.

CloudFactory helped us scale with accuracy and speed during this time of dramatic growth!

Matt McNamara

Matt McNamara

Data Acquisition Manager


Real-Time Invoice Processing at Scale

It takes a lot of people power to process invoices and pay bills for 7,000+ companies across North America—and that’s exactly what CloudFactory makes possible for this financial technology innovator.

Our partnership began in 2015 with invoice digitization. Today, our managed team of data analysts processes 1 million+ invoices monthly, inputting more than a dozen data attributes into our client’s proprietary tool. What automation can we make possible for you?


Mind the OCR Gap

Is your company using OCR software to automate data extraction from financial and accounting records and receipts? If so, you probably know that OCR can’t accurately interpret 100% of the data, even when machine learning and AI are involved—and that gap is where we come in.

CloudFactory excels at helping companies “trust but verify” their document processing automation initiatives through a powerful combination of automation plus humans in the loop to monitor and validate OCR outcomes in near real-time.

Want to get closer to 100%? We can help.


Streamlined Quote Generation for Insurance Underwriters

This US-based specialty insurer needed to quickly organize incoming, daily email requests so underwriters could produce quotes, fast. Within two weeks, we were in full production mode. During the evenings, US time, our data analysts work through the queue, standardizing requests by entering details in our client’s proprietary system. Come morning, the requests are available for underwriters, ready for quotes. Because of the specialization required to do this work, our partnership, now five years strong, has provided our data analysts with an average tenure of 16 months.


How CloudFactory Works For You

Automation at Scale

Automation at Scale

Each day, we process hundreds of thousands of invoices, receipts, and other documents for finance innovators. We’re experts at scaling a workforce to match demand—while maintaining accuracy.

Speed on Demand

Speed on Demand

Financial companies need data processed quickly because customers demand speed. Our data analysts are fast and located across multiple time zones, and you control when they process your documents.

Trust in Experience

Trust in Experience

Partner with CloudFactory and have confidence knowing that your documents are processed accurately and securely, on time, and on budget. Focus on growing your business and let us handle the rest.

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