Receipt Transcription

Receipt transcription involves manually entering or moderating customer-submitted receipt data. Receipts enter the workflow as images or exceptions to an OCR process. Outputs either sync directly to users’ accounts, flow into QA or QC workflows, or upload to your platform as structured, usable data.

What’s ailing your organization? Innovators in the fintech, financial services, and retail industries are turning to outsourced receipt transcription and receipt moderation to resolve issues like slow processing times, missed SLAs, low customer satisfaction, process inefficiencies, poor data quality, and high costs of service. CloudFactory specializes in receipt transcription and document processing. Our deep experience in this area with leaders like Expensify and Ibotta positions us to quickly get your company on a path towards operational efficiencies, economies of scale, lower costs, higher profits, and exceptional customer experiences.

What We Offer

  • Receipt transcription, receipt moderation, and document processing at scale
  • Experience transcribing 100s of millions of receipts annually at high speed and accuracy
  • The ability to quickly add processes and use cases as you roll out new solutions and offerings
  • The flexibility to ramp up and down with seasonality and other demand changes

CloudFactory came in with a really clean and well-described set of ideas around performance management, scaling, and elasticity to move volume up and down based on our needs as a high-growth company.

Zev Barsky
VP Operations, Ibotta

Powering Expense Management at Scale

More than 1,000 CloudFactory data analysts serve as the machine that powers Expensify, an expense processing company. Using complex business rules, we process more than three million receipts each month, with the resulting data being synced with users’ accounts in near real-time. Through our strategic partnership, Expensify is free to focus on innovation rather than back-office operations.


Delivering High-Quality Customer Experiences with a Managed Workforce

Today’s customers demand speed. That’s one of the reasons why the cashback rewards app Ibotta partners with CloudFactory. Although Ibotta uses OCR technology to quickly process most customer receipts, many fall out as exceptions needing a human touch. For 12,000+ hours each month, CloudFactory’s human-in-the-loop workforce transcribes those receipt exceptions in real-time, allowing Ibotta to deliver the awesome experience its customers want.

How CloudFactory Works For You

Quality at Scale

Quality at Scale

Each day, we transcribe tens of thousands of receipts for leading financial and retail companies. Scale your workforce to match demand—while maintaining accuracy.

Speed on Demand

Speed on Demand

Your customers need speed; we deliver it. Our data analysts are fast and located across multiple timezones. And you control when they transcribe your receipts.

Partnership Power

Partnership Power

CloudFactory partners with you to power your business through outsourcing. We’ll process your receipts right, on time and on budget, so you can focus on business.

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