Geospatial Applications

Geospatial data analysis provides organizations with actionable intelligence about the visual world. Our data analysts can help.

Organizations have been using traditional mapping for years to gather information about the world around them. The application of AI to geospatial data can deepen their understanding and inform how they adapt their approach in creating AI for applications such as road navigation, remote insurance assessments and pipeline inspections, and forestry management. Training and maintaining these AI systems requires large quantities of annotated geospatial data, and that’s where CloudFactory can help.

Taking the Time and Cost out of Mapping

Geckomatics specializes in mobile mapping for cities and businesses that need highly accurate, up-to-date maps and inventories. Their solution provides insights on assets to improve city management and urban planning. They turned to CloudFactory to help make their cost-effective solution available to more customers around the world. Our teams of data analysts:

  • Labeled and conducted QC on street-level panoramic images of trees, road signs, and other objects to create a 360-degree inventory.
  • Helped Geckomatics expand from mapping 1,000 kilometers (km) in two countries to supporting clients in five countries with mapping projects totaling more than 20,000 km.

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Taking the Time and Cost out of Mapping

Without CloudFactory we never would have been able to deliver work for large cities. We tried with a different partnership before and it failed. Now that we have this support, we feel confident that we can deliver on all the new projects we’ll have in the future.

Bert Cattoor
Co-Founder and CEO, Geckomatics

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Expand Your Team

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