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Launch your robotics AI model faster and smoothly scale your project while controlling costs with accurate, efficient data annotation.


AI-assisted robots for industrial applications like manufacturing and off-site inspections need high-quality data for accurate models. With our superior tooling and human expertise, you can easily scale your project with an efficient annotation workflow and launch your project faster while controlling costs.

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What We Offer

CloudFactory provides a unique combination of automated annotation tooling, an experienced workforce, and a proven workflow that helps you reduce time to market, increase robot AI model accuracy, and improve operational efficiency. We also offer human-in-the-loop automation services with workforce management technology to cover limitations in machine automation.

CloudFactory’s automated annotation tooling, experienced workforce, proven workflows for your robot AI model

Scalable labeling quality control enables recycling efficiency

Quality control of data labeling

AMP Robotics developed an AI-based robotics system to sort recyclable material efficiently and cost-effectively. The CloudFactory partnership started as one of two labeling vendors. That quickly changed to our team leading quality control of the other company’s annotations, reviewing model outputs, and helping vet new development areas.

  • 95%+ accuracy achieved
  • 3 times increase in monthly project hours
  • 2.5 times increase in label classifications
CloudFactory’s scalable labeling quality control enables recycling efficiency for AMP Robotics

A lot of what we've done with CloudFactory in building out these new label sets wouldn't really have been possible without you guys. Another thing is we've broken into new industries. And a lot of the upfront vetting of these new label sets, again, has fallen to CloudFactory. It’s really helped in terms of scaling.

Ben Clint

Data Acquisition Manager, AMP Robotics

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How CloudFactory Works For You

Reduce development time

Reduce development time

Our automated annotation with an experienced workforce delivers fast, high-quality data. HITL automation services support machine automation gaps.

Increase model accuracy

Increase model accuracy

Adaptive AI-assisted labeling provides quality assurance at every level with AI consensus scoring to ensure quality and resolve ambiguity.

Improve operational efficiency

Improve operational efficiency

Real-time visibility and feedback enable quickly adjusting labeling instructions and handling new edge cases, which improves productivity.

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