What We Offer

  • Computer vision: Image review and labeling for insurable assets like pools and roofs.
  • Model training: Human-in-the-loop data processing and review for AI/ML risk assessment models.
  • Processing of unstructured data: Web scraping, validating, enriching, and geo-coding.
  • Document pre-processing: Verifying, cleansing, and transcribing data into digital formats.

Digitizing Risk for Improved Insurance Outcomes

Geocoding and pre-cleansing data

This U.S.-based insurer’s business intelligence platform uses AI to digitize risk for commercial property owners and improve insurance outcomes.

  • Our team of 100+ data analysts delivers 8,000+ hours monthly.
  • For one unique task, we geocode thousands of documents quarterly by pinning locations on a digital map.
  • For another, we pre-cleanse documents by identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate data, and modifying data as needed.

Since early 2021, CloudFactory has been helping Carpe Data validate the business data we use to train our AI - work that’s core to our company because our global insurance carrier clients rely on us for deeper insights into risks. We value many things about our partnership with CloudFactory, but especially the continuity of the team, transparent communication, and how the team scales while delivering high-quality work on time.

Matt McLaughlin

Matt McLaughlin

Vice President, Data Strategy & Management


How CloudFactory Works For You

Improve Data Quality

Improve Data Quality

Improve the quality of AI, ML, and CV models and platforms, and meet strict quality KPIs with CloudFactory’s insurance specialization.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Accelerate turnaround time, reduce costs, and rapidly digitize, verify, and enrich data with our experienced people and proven processes.

Enable Innovation

Enable Innovation

Partner with us to quickly unlock the value of data, bring new solutions to market, optimize operations, and win in the insurance space.

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