Deploying robotaxis at scale? CloudFactory's AV-centric workforce is here to prep your image, video, sensor, and LiDAR data.


To keep passengers safe in driverless vehicles, robotaxi companies rely on advanced driving systems (ADS) trained on massive sets of high-quality data. An AV-centric workforce can add the high-quality outputs needed to deploy driverless robotaxis at scale.


What We Offer

  • Expertise in preparing image, video, sensor, and LiDAR data.
  • AV-centric teams to prepare the data you need to safely deploy ADS and reach Levels 4 and 5 autonomy.
  • Support for new or existing workflows that need end of pipeline polishing to cross the quality finish line.
  • Experience in all major 2-D and 3-D tools and with client-developed tools.
What We Offer
— Meet Our Client

Quality + speed + collaboration for robotaxi deployment

2-D image and video and 3-D LiDAR labeling and classification

This leading Level 4 robotaxi company gets quality, speed, and a collaborative working relationship with CloudFactory. We use our client's internal data annotation tools paired with our workforce management platform to assist with:

  • 2-D bounding boxes and classification
  • 2-D video object tracking
  • 3-D LiDAR point cloud scene labeling

Our collaboration with CloudFactory was instrumental in bringing to market our new product, Hydra. This advanced version of our platform now includes a combination of hardware and software capabilities that dramatically increases our perception of on-road driving scenarios, something completely new to the industry.

Scott Ryvola

Director of Engineering, Luminar Technologies


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How CloudFactory Works For You

Improve Data Quality

Improve Data Quality

Our AV-centric workforce moves your data over the quality finish line by tackling complex LiDAR data and unique edge cases.


Scale Your Operations

From proof of concept to production, our proven processes securely and quickly deliver accurate data.

Harness Our Expertise

Harness Our Expertise

Industry training and years of experience annotating millions of AV images and videos result in best-in-class data prep for your project.

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